How bad is it to quit first RN job after only 5 months

  1. I graduated in December and took my first RN job at a state mental health facility in February. When I couldn't land a L&D or NICU spot anywhere I decided I wanted to try mental health for at least a year or so. Well, now I'm finding myself never excited about waking up and going to work (I have to force myself out of bed) and I am not loving my job. So now I am thinking of leaving and finding a new job. There's actually a big internship coming up in June I was thinking of applying for but then I would be leaving my current job after only 5 months.

    Is this looked down upon or is it reasonable, especially with my current field?

    If its more suggested to stay for a year I definitely would but I really would like to find a field that I love and actually interested in waking up for.
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  3. by   PediLove2147
    It is looked down upon but you do what you have to do. There is no reason to be miserable at a job that you hate if you can find another. I wouldn't quit without one lined up but it doesn't hurt to start applying.

    I started in PDN and was applying for a new job from the second I accepted the position.
  4. by   serenitylove14
    I just quit my first RN job after 3 weeks. I had the opportunity to do one day of orientation on the floor, psych hospital, and it was only 1 RN to 28 patients and she was totally freaking out until they sent a couple nurses to help out and I was also asked to go do an assessment even tho I have never seen one done in the facility. I was also told that I would be charge nurse pretty soon, which means almost immediately, even tho I had little to no experience as an RN. I choose to not risk my license and move on. My husband is pretty upset about it but its not worth me loosing my license after all of those years of stress in nursing school.

    Also the facility I worked at is a state mental health facility as well. The way things are set up are backwards and they have been in the news lately for some pretty heavy pt safety related things. In my defense, it has quite a sketchy reputation and lots of turnover, 20 job postings this month alone. Dont be miserable and try your best to explain to potential employers that your passion is elsewhere.
  5. by   Morganalefey
    I quit my first job after 5mos.
    I unexpectedly got an offer in a hospital closer to home, on a unit I was interested in, with the hours I was looking for. When I interviewed, they didn't even ask why I was leaving after such a short amount of time.
    You have to do what is best for you and your family, BUT I wouldn't leave your current job until you secure another one. It doesn't look good to have gaps in your employment.