Has Anyone Else Experienced this ??

  1. I just turned 60 and my cohort is 20 and came a few months after me. She covered 9 residents and I had 17. She was done early on the floor and bopping around and getting her notes done and helping to take off scripts while I was working hard to keep up. Plus I had 2 Jpeg tubes to flush and take care of. I was not slow just had double the work. The residents were cut in half from when her and I started and most on her side of the floor.

    The LPNs on when we had team meeting were asked to stay behind. The DON was furious that someone had not given a B12 shot since February. She was really yelling and slamming her hand down. Being a nurse only since
    August 2008 I was shocked with this behavior from the DON to say the least. She looked right at me and stated why was this not given. I addressed the question and said I did not give the B12 shots. I neglected to say that it was a 6 AM shot that I never gave anyway and was only concerned about my 7 AM to 2:30 shift meds. I didnt know any better. After the meeting was over I was called down to the DON office. It was her and I alone in her office. I was let go and told I was practicing unsafe nursing. ????? I was shocked, hurt and embarrassed. I gave my residents good care and was their advocate. The Administrator told the DON to fire me because I opened my mouth. True. When I said I did not look at the B12 the Admin got up from her chair said Geeeez and left the room. LIttle did I know the State was due in any day. No one else said a word at this meeting held prior and when I did catch it had not been given in 3 mos I gave the IM in May and told my floor RN. (it was to be given 1 X a mo). After team meeting all the LPNs stood there stone silent. My DON told me that I should have been so upset I should have had a heart attack and I should not have opened my mouth during meeting. I said I did feel like that. She said the State was due in any day now and that they could get closed down for that med error. I was not allowed to talk and explain it was not given a time and was always a 6 AM med. She then said dont try and change her mind as it wont work. I was being let go. I cried How am I to find another job. She said we often hire people who have been fired you will find something. I feel like I was set up. ???? I still have not found a job.

    A week prior to that I was told I was an excellent nurse by the DON and given another day making my two weeks - 9 days every pay. Then the DON went to home office on Friday and Monday I was gone. Not the 20 yr old LPN who came several months after me but moi. I am sooo missing my residents. I tried to do my utmost best. Am I suppose to worry about the meds and Tx given on nights and evenings?? Is this my responsibility?? If the MARs are replaced month after month and the time to give a 6 AM IM B12 injection is not placed on the MAR is that grounds for my dismissal??

    What am I to put on my resume to continue my practice?? Several of the nurses and Aides called me at home to
    see how I was doing. I had made very good friends there at this facility. I was well liked and got alone with everyone. The residents would smile when they saw me. I can't believe I have lost this job!
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    Personally, I think you're too good for that place.

    You stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for something. No one said anything in your defense, though I'm sure they were well aware of whose omission this was. Your DON did not listen to you and did not really investigate. She yelled at you and the other nurses, and physically slammed her hand down.

    Honestly, there are much better places to work and much nicer people to work with. You did not lose a good job--a lousy place just lost a good nurse.

    (((((hugs to you and best wishes in getting a better job soon!))))
  4. by   NursieGirl199
    Thank you Angie for the very kind words. I will find another job eventually. I am looking every day and working on getting into Homecare after a years experience.

    Thank you Again,
    Carole, LPN for 9 mos.
  5. by   blaaveispiken
    Honestly this sounds like age discrimination -- talk to a lawyer.
  6. by   NC Girl BSN
    I am sorry this happened to you but clearly they had to find someone to be the scapgoat. They were at risk of the state finding out and unfotunitly you had to take the hit so they can show that they tired to fix the problem. My only question is, why are you blaming the 20 yr old for this. You asked why she was not fired? I don't understand????
  7. by   NursieGirl199
    Oh well, I mentioned the 20 yr old because she is out of school much less than I am and
    has started at this facility 4 months after I was hired. Also, she only had 9 residents on her
    side and I was handling 17 residents and 2 jtubes. I was told the week before that I was a good
    nurse by the DON too. She said we know you have the hard side and we appreciate all your hard
    work. With the census cut in half and perhaps a worry over the economy, especially since a new
    company took over from Ohio. There has been no new residents to replace them, I feel it is a case of
    cutting back and I went. The B12 shot that is in question also is a 6AM med that I have not
    given to any resident while employed there as I have never worked the night shift.
    Also, the 20 yr old signed in the MAR that she gave it and never did. Who knows if my age had anything to do with it.
    The 20 yr old had her days cut back by 3 in the 2 week period the week before and at
    team meeting that monday I was let go there was a major drama/production in front of an
    audience after team meeting. Then they let me go. The DON
    did not even want to hear that the B12 in question was given by me in May and that I found the
    mistake even though it is a 6AM med on all the residents for B12 IM . I reported it to the RN in charge on
    the floor. She took it to the DON and then I was let go?????