Graduating from orientation!

  1. I just finished 6 weeks of orientation as a RN on a transitional care unit---this afternoon is my first 3-11pm shift on my own!

    Wish me luck! And good luck to any other first-year nurses getting off of orientation today or soon!
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  3. by   CherryERRN
    Good Luck
  4. by   dorselm
    You go girl! If you got through orientation and are now on you own, you must have done a good job and are trusted to care for your patients. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   akanini
    Best of luck. I have 3 more weeks of orientation left myself.
  6. by   NurseKatie08
    Thanks everyone...the past two days went ok. I got out at 1am Thursday night & 12:30am last night and had admissions both days. Guess it will only get better from here
  7. by   susy40
    I will be off orientation the first week of November. Our ratio is usually 1:8 in a medical floor. Sometimes is overwhelming even though I am working with my preceptor. I am very nervous because if it gets crazy now that I have her working with me, can you imagine what will happen when I'm on my own. I feel comfortable taking care of the patients but the paper work overwhelms me. Also we are always short of supplies, pharmacy does not send the meds on time, NAs are not available to help you and the day get messed up easily. I made a schedule to follow during the shift but until now I haven't been able to follow it because there is always something going on. I always start gathering my meds way earlier than anybody else because I double check the doses and if I don't know the medication I will look it up before give it to my patients. Usually our patients have tons of meds several times a day, stool and urine tests, finger sticks, I&O, test off the unit, dialysis, etc. I just want to be able to complete my work in a efficient and correct manner while taking very good care of my patients. I think patient care is the main purpose of nursing and I do not want to become a nurse that just give meds. Any suggestions? Thanks.