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  1. I resigned from my 1st nrsg job due to being a victim of Lateral violence. I was tired of working 2nd shift because that sup was treating her less favorable employees like kids, so I decided to switch to nite shift, you know hollering & micromanaging.

    Well, heard from several people the nite shift sup was very cliquish. I was like, I'll try it anyway, I'll just stay to myself mostly. This was at a SNF, which are known for being rat-holes anyways, I quickly found out why. We, my sup was over-friendly at 1st. I soon found out her friendliness was a fake & she was actually worse than the 2nd shift sup.

    The census had gotten low, so my sup was constantly dropping hints, well we need to get an RN for all 3 shifts so we can get more hospice pts to increase the census. She was pressuring me to quit, well she got tired & conspired w/several other nurses to lie on me. Remind you she was only an LPN herself as well. She started lying on me to the DON and made her hate me. My nite sup went to the floor manager ,the day before her vacation day, which made it obvious it was her, and said I was acting impaired, she walked me to the bathroom in front of the nurses station in front of everyone with a cup in her hand, entered the bathroom with me to get my urine.

    I was treated like an animal not to mention, she was just treating me badly period, she told me a few weeks earlier I wasn't allowed to use the intercom system because of some lame excuse.... but I heard her buddy using the intercom a few days later calling out the name of a gas station & laughing on the PA system. Well I was called 2 to the admin's office & accused of breaching confidentiality, I told him your employees breached it by drug testing me in a public area for everyone to see, then he said well you've been talking so badly about the DON, which was lies they been telling behind my back, I had no idea until he told me, so the DON hated my guts.

    The DON also was angry because I didn't kiss her *** either I told her, she should drug test everyone who made statements about me, she refused to drug test anyone else because there no complaints about them acting irrational. Then the admin said well, we investigated a stolen med xanaflex, figure you stole it, we conducted a secret count before and after every nurse. I ask him how could you count before & after each nurse if the pharmacy & that nurse are the only ones with keys. He said uhhhh, I said you have no legal reason to fire me but I know what this is, pass me a sheet of paper then I resigned due to stress & discrimination, then filed a complaint against the company. I knew of a new grad that was paid more than I after I worked there for 3 yrs.

    That's what happened on my very 1st nursing job. I've lost my desire to be a nurse anymore because of this & another similar incident. I think there are a lot of really evil nurses out there.
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  3. by   strawberryluv
    OMG, I can't believe this. That is just so unprofessional and immature. I can't believe
    there are nurses like this. Adults should act like adults.

    Anyway, its good that you got out of there as soon as you can but
    I would have made sure I had another job lined up before quitting :/
  4. by   Ruas61
    Best wishes in finding your way.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Every story has two sides. If you find yourself in a similar situation next time, with people saying the same things about you...maybe it's not them.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.