First RN job- LTC or Home Health?

  1. Hi all. I am a new grad (ADN) searching for my first RN job. I live in an area that is oversatured and very competitive, especially for new grads. I got absolutely nowhere applying to hospitals and was told multiple times I need to either have my BSN or a year of experience to be hired. I am working on my BSN but won't complete it for another year. I started applying at places outside hospitals and have received two offers- one from a LTC facility and one from a home health/hospice agency. I am unsure of what direction I should go; I would prefer to stay away from LTC, but have heard home health is not advisable for a new grad. My only healthcare experience prior to nursing school is a year of CNA experience in an ALF. Which would be better for a new grad, both in terms of being able to practice safely and future career prospects?
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  3. by   blueskynurse9
    If your desire is to work in the hospital, I would advise you to take the job in LTC. You will learn excellent time management skills, nursing assessment skills and the dynamics of working in a facility with other members of the health care team. Working in home health as your first nursing job straight out of school may be limiting; however you could do that on a per diem basis to get some experience there too. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    I vote for LTC, too.
  5. by   caliotter3
    In total agreement with the first post. If your stamina is up to it, you can work both jobs. Full time in LTC and one or two shifts in extended care home health. If you are being sought for intermittent visit home health, one or two days of visits would be more complicated to work out. Less aggravation and working on your own time if you restrict the home health to one or two shifts every week or even every two weeks. BTW, sort of biased to this setup because I started out full time in LTC and added home health shifts to my full time LTC job, all while attending nursing school full time. My plate was rather full.
  6. by   Libby1987
    Congratulations on your new RN!

    To be completely straight with you, Home Health is not appropriate for a new grad unless they have a dedicated orientation and education plan specifically for new grads. In California it is required and must pass muster with the BRN, and for good reason as some agencies will throw you out there, unsafe for your undeveloped practice and the high acuity patients.
  7. by   MrNurseJohn
    LTC for sure. You will learn how to handle multiple patients at one time, charting, dealing with doctors and other healthcare professionals and emergency situations as well. Home Health is less clinical usually and if you ever come across an emergency, your lack of clinical experience may make the situation worse. A lot of people in their homes should really be in facilities.... trust me when I say that. In a facility setting, you will get more comfortable with your judgement as you will have other nurses to support you. Congratulations on becoming a nurse!