Do you think my 3 years as an LPN will help me get an RN job?

  1. When I graduate with my BSN I will have 3 years as an LPN in LTC/skilled nursing. Do you think my LPN experience will help me get a hospital job? I have heard that hiring managers see LTC and don't want to hire that RN. What do you think? Am I worried over nothing?
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  3. by   Feistn
    I definitely think that will be an asset. You are in a much different position than the new grads. You have actually been a nurse, the only things you're "new" at are the assessment and teaching portions of the job, and from what I've seen (Mental Health Assistant working with LPNs and RNs), the LPNs end up doing a lot of the RN's job "under the table." They're also generally very knowledgeable about processes and procedures. Don't worry, I'd pimp that part of your resume out like crazy.
  4. by   adnrnstudent
    It will be a tremendous asset while seeking a job.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I know of a few hospital in my local area that give credit toward 'experience' for working as an LPN when applying as a new grad RN. And that is any work experience including LTC.
  6. by   SquishyRN
    Focus on marketing yourself and your skills that puts you above all other new grads. Not just technical stuff, but things like "I'm not afraid to get yelled at for calling the doctor at 3am on Christmas morning when a patient has a serious change in condition." ;P