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Hello. I will be graduating in May (yeah!) and there has been discussion about previous grads that have received sign-on bonuses. Can anyone tell me if that has happened to them? I don't know if I... Read More

  1. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    I am getting 2500, half after two weeks, and half after completion of my orientation, It will be taxed and only end up being like 800.00 for each one, but hey, I plan to be there for two years anyways, plus htey have a pension plan, 401K and relocation, I have nothing to lose!
  2. by   Cynthjoy
    Greetings all!
    I am a new grad (Sep 06) and a new RN (10-06) and moved from Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona to work for Banner Health Systems (They're also in over 5 other states). I received a $5000 "relocation" assistance to move from a state that doesn't touch the border of the state I'm going to. I'm obligated to work for 1 year. They have a wonderful 3+ month mentorship program. Also, if you recommend an RN and they go to work for Banner, there is $1,000 bonus (remember my name if you go to work there..hehe). Anyhow, I like the telemetry unit I'm on and its a good place to work/start out.
    However, I have $45K in student loans and I'm looking for any information on government loan forgiveness or loan repayment assistance as soon as my obligation is completed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. by   PeachyERNurse
    Quote from awalke13965
    I just gradutated in Dec. '06. I live in the New Orleans area and some of the hospitals are offering sign-on bonuses. The one I decided to work for offered a $1500 sign-on bonus that is paid after 3 months, but you have to stay there one year or pay the $1500 back and they also have a loan repayment program that pays up to $500/month up to $30,000. A hospital that my friend went to has a $2000 sign on bonus you get $1000 after 3 months and the other $1000 after you complete one year. If you don't stay the year you don't get the second $1000, but you don't have to pay back the other money, they didn't have a loan repayment, but they offer you to go back to school for a higher degree at their university for free. So look around before deciding. And don't forget to factor in the facility itself and if they have a high turnover, because if they do there must be a reason why.
    Good luck and congradulations.

    What hospital do you work at because I'm considering a move to New Orleans and I could REALLY use that $500 a month loan repayment
  4. by   heartlover07
    I graduate in May and am starting in an interventional cardiology/tele unit in July. I was not offered a sign on bonus, but get a 7000.00 per year allowance towards my bachelors and great health benefits. I live in Philadelphia and there are some places here that offer sign on bonuses, but we were warned by the faculty at our school that these are usually because the position is not so great. Most of these sign on bonuses require a two or three year commitment, which I am NOT willing to make until I know my butt from a hole in the ground in this business, if you know what I mean.