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Well, maybe not a So, today was my 2nd day....Not to eventful. 2 other new grads and I, spent the day with the Clinical Educator..... He was soooo Nice! He had me rollin on the... Read More

  1. by   happystudent
    thanks for taking the time to read my posts....I am so happy that I am able to share my journey with you guys..... I try to have a sense of humour when I m going thru my daily struggles....... :chuckle

    Its been a hard mission.....I am stronger, smarter and happier than I 've ever been........Its totally worth it!!

    It feeeeeels so good!

    P.s. Tweety> I consider myself a "student" for the rest of my makes me "happy" to learn new things, so I think Im going to keep the name.....LOLOL!!!
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  2. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Happy Student, I must say that I've enjoyed reading every post on this thread. I appreciate your sharing your experiences.
  3. by   happystudent
    This is my second week off orientation!! I am still alive and kickin'

    I had the craziest shift tonite..... It started like this....

    1500: Im getting report and organizing myself....okay I have five pts tonite on my prob! said a small prayer

    1510: Walk into room 604, just as I was about to open the bedside chart I hear....."CALL A CODE>>>NOOOOOOW!!!!!" my heart jumps out of my chest because the room is right across the hall from where Im standing!

    SO I grab a pair of gloves while running across the hall into 610 and there she is.....not breathing, lips blue!

    I immediately grab the ambu off the wall and start respirations.....Everyone is running down the hall, code cart in tow......Next I hear Anesthesia STAT TO 610 over the loud speaker!

    Im still bagging her....theres like twenty people in this room! Im staying focused on her airway until Anes. arrives to intubate......

    PEA's on the monitor...not looking good...Epi goin response....Anesth. arrives...She grabs her intubation blade and ET tube....She asks me to put my finger on her trach while she intubates......She's in! Co2 cap turns gold.....
    meanwhile compressions are being done.....the resident goes for her fem good.....shes asystole....
    Docs called it @ 1540............

    It was over, the pt was gone.....It was sad.... all in the first 40mins of my shift! man o' man!!!

    Unfortunately, it was a good experience being in a code as a RN.......

    I worked as a tech in the ED, so Ive been thru similiar experiences....just a different role.....

    It was very interesting, though.....I was happy that I responded in the way I did.

    This is something that I know I can be good at! when its time for me to return to the ED next year, I will know that I am making the right choice for myself.......There are alot of things that I dont understand, but Im sure in time I will....

    It feels so good to type this out..........

    Well, after all was said and done...I continued caring for my pts the rest of the evening........

    its nice to be home, now.
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  4. by   Tweety
    Codes can be a real learning experience. We don't have many on our unit, thankfully, but it's crazy when they do occur.

    Continued best wishes for a fun filled exciting time!
  5. by   Dublin37
    OMG you handled it so calmly. All that ED training sure came in handy. i am sorry you lost him/her. Were you able to stay focused after that? Did you feel emotional? Wow, what an interesting saga, keep it coming! Heather
  6. by   MryRose
    So sorry the pt passed. You did a great job tho.

    Thanks so much for sharing this journal!!! As a pre-nursing student, I am enjoying every word!

    Best Wishes,

  7. by   happystudent
    It was brutal last night.....

    Sometimes on our floor we will get the "heroin junkie/crack-addicted/aids/hep a-b &c/convicted felons" on our floor as pts. The guy I was assigned to was on a methadone taper with the usual cocktail of benzo"s

    decent pt...not too many issues....untill he decides to go out for a smoke.

    this guy comes back to the floor and says to me..." Ya know, I just saw my dr in the parking lot and he told me to tell you to call him so you can give me a klonopin"......

    (his face------> :stone ) (my face------> )

    Yup okay......

    So basically he threanted to file a grievance againts me saying that I was not giving him his medication---

    oy-vey! So I called the covering doc and she talked him down.......She just upped his dose of ultram....and gave him reglan for his n/v......HE was happy with that.....but he still insist that his methadone was being tapered down too fast! Cant win!! :uhoh21:

    I do enjoy a challenge, but the whole detoxing a pt on a telemetry-floor-while-I-have-a-pt-in-afib-on-a-cardizem-gtt-and-another-pt-in-heart-block-and-my-fresh-admission-from-the-ed-who-is-vomitting-on-my-clogs
    makes a very interesting shift!

    shoot!! now that Im thinking about it...I forgot to chart that she puked!! :angryfire

    ohwell...(my bad)

    Anothernitebites the dust!!!!

    Will it get better??????
  8. by   RedSox33RN
    I just discovered this thread, and I can't tell you how not only entertaining it is (are you sure you werent' a comedian in a past life, Happy?? LOL!) but how great it is to hear about the trials and tribulations of a new Grad. I WILL be there someday in the oh-so-distant future, and I really enjoy reading about all of it.

    Please keep it up!
  9. by   vermonster
    I just started an accelerated program in August-I have been on all nurses for awhile but had not seen these posts until today-they are awesome and let me know what is still to come.

    I bet you are doing a phenomal job.

    Katie (who sometimes wonders why she decided to change careers and go to nursing school but who is mainly fascinated by it all and excited for semester 2)
  10. by   ShirwinRN
    Really? What did you end up going into after you quit nursing? Curious.

    Quote from melon
    You have 10 weeks of orientation?!!!!! And take care of one WHOLE patient?!!!!! What a dream world! I was thrown to the wolves when I first started. I had such a struggle getting into the real world that I just ended up quitting nursing altogether (which is kinda unfortunate). I really wish that I had a nurse mentor. In nursing school, I looked after two patients max. And that was in my fourth and final year. Then I got a job and on the first day of real work, I had to take care of TWELVE patients (acute care surgery) and had about five days of orientation. I was so slow and so scared! I live in Canada. I heard that in the US the patient load is a lot less. Is this true?
  11. by   Altra
    Quote from happystudent
    this guy comes back to the floor and says to me..." Ya know, I just saw my dr in the parking lot and he told me to tell you to call him so you can give me a klonopin"......

    (his face------> :stone ) (my face------> )

    Wiping diet Coke off the screen ... this made me laugh out loud!!

    Keep this up, HappyStudent -- you know we're hanging on every word!
  12. by   lovinghands
    happystudent, I just wanted to say "hi" to you. We graduated and took our boards around the same time. I remember the anxiety you were feeling. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I'm proud to be in the same profession as you. Continued success... please keep posting