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Hi everyone, I just started my first nursing job on a busy post surg/oncology floor, graduated in May. I had the normal week long hospital orientation where I learned about the computer systems... Read More

  1. by   Up2nogood RN
    Well it sounds like your preceptor doesn't want to precept or perhaps just wants the extra pay. Whatever the reason may be it's good to know that you wont be stuck with her the whole time. If you are going to be working nights just a heads up that it's totally different and usually much calmer and better teamwork.
    I oriented 2 weeks on days and it was absolute chaos with a different preceptor everyday. Then on nights for 2 weeks my preceptor was charge nurse every single shift I worked. My first shift on my own our unit was closed due to low census so I had to float to our sister unit med onc. They did give me our surgical pts but it felt pretty hairy at times.
    You sound like you're doing great for your time so far and it just takes time to feel comfortable talking with docs and figuring out who each of them are and what they do.

    ETA: oops just realized this is an OLD thread.
  2. by   Sara RN
    wow hang in there it will get better. i'm a brand new nurse still working with my preceptor. i hope that you got a chance to speak with your nursing educator. this experience is for you to learn how to do your job. i'm lucky to have a really great preceptor that i'm working with but sometimes i still feel like she is not clear about her expectations of me. best of luck!