Completely Stressed Out..

  1. So.... i dont even think 'stress' is the adequate word for how im feeling, maybe frustrated is better. let me explain. Im a new grad with exceptional experience in healthcare (about 5yrs or so) looking for the RIGHT job in jersey. you see, i dont want to just take any job, i want the right one FOR ME. ive interviewed at my local hopsital (the one i would like to call home. great staff,pay,location etc etc). ive interviewed with hr for a OR position tht was open. theres actually quite a few positions open. ANYWAY that was in july. JULY JULY JULY its now sept almost oct. since then ive spoken to the nurse recruiter (who is NEW) and she rarely gets back to me (or anyone for that matter). its been a MISSION to get an interview through her, regardles i was asked to interview on a ortho floor but i declined because its the shift i cant/dont want to take. Either way ive landed a part-time job which barely supplies me gas money (not in the hospital).

    ok sorry for the ramble, im just stressed.
    my point is, ive put in several app to different hospitals throughout central and northern jersey and havent heard anything thus far. what upsets me is at my local hospital fellow classmates that have been offered and given positions at the hospital only got them because they went around the hr dept and straight to the nurse managers of the units (but i believe in following chain of command). PLUS most of them just recently (meaning within the last wk or 2 past their nclex) and have already started orientation whereas i have been licensed since early aug and was one of the few that actually graduated, recieved my diploma, and I passed my predictors (HESI, NLN, etc) the first time around. ugggghhhh aggrevation. either way.... im just stressed out and wanted to vent.

    im still actively looking for a position that i want in the ed, or, ccu etc. yes i know, all specialties. in a hospital. i wanted to start my career in a hospital setting but it looks like i will be taking a different path and stay where i have experience ie: hospice. where ive been offered good positions on the home front.

    sorry i typed so much but i figured there might be at least ONE other new grad thats stressed out about finding employment and venting to my boyfriend (who is a marine and cant really relate) works but sometimes i feel like im talkin to a brick wall because he has no idea what im talkin about half the time, but he tries. soo thats it. my little venting tangent. does anyone feel even remotely the same?
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  3. by   cherryfairy39
    Well at least you have an idea of what your aiming for. I'll be graduating next semester and then moving back to the states but after grad I have NO IDEA what I need to do first to be a nurse in Cali. All I know is that I graduated from the nursing facualty so I have to be in the right direction right? Any pointers regarding to whats first and what books would be of good use?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Have you considered taking a more general job to get your foot in the door and then down the road, transferring to a more specialized area? That would at least get you into the hospital, where you could learn the inside scoop on where you would like to work. Good luck.
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    Hi Christina!
    I know you are looking to follow the chain of command, so take this with the proverbial grain of salt. I agree in following the chain of command, but if one link can't provide you with the information you are seeking, it is time to move up. I started out talking with HR and the nursing recruiter. He was a great guy, but told me I would be working nightshifts for 6 months on the ortho floor. No thanks, at least not for me. I was offerred a job unofficially before HR ever acknowledged receipt of my resume! I know they are busy, but I wanted a job.

    So I did contact clinical managers, and they offerred positions that HR didn't have listed (day shift openings). I set up an appt, had a long list of questions, brought in my resume, and basically sold myself as a brand new nurse willing to learn and wanting experience. I only contacted 2 managers. The first was a manager in CCU, who I contacted to discuss the possibility of future employment and her recommendation as to what would best prepare me. She had some really great input, and referred me to my current clinical manger on the telemetry floor. I had a casual interview, and was told that the hiring was already done for that period, but that she had never had a nurse be so interested and would like to offer me a full time position on day shift.

    Is there a reason why you haven't contacted the manager? Maybe this is who interviewed you, I am not sure. Many hospitals also have clinical pathways, which are the chain of command to get you prepared to move into a specialty unit. If you are trying to bypass this step, I do think it is important to talk to the manager directly. HR may decide you aren't qualified (ie no 2 yr experience in acute care) and never forward your resume. You might also discuss your situation with other new grads who are working in your hospital of choice..they may have suggestions and know someone that could help you get your foot in the door. Best of luck in your job hunting! Don't settle.... I am sure the right position is out there and waiting for you!
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Have you considered taking a more general job to get your foot in the door and then down the road, transferring to a more specialized area? That would at least get you into the hospital, where you could learn the inside scoop on where you would like to work. Good luck.
    I agree. Plus, at our hospital, they will take internal transfers for new positions that open up first before considering 'outside' candidates.