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  1. There was a similar post like this,but a little old,so here goes. I am a new grad med-surg nurse. I had to orient on a unit other than the one that will be my home unit, d/t a lack of preceptors. So, I got to my home unit a few weeks ago and really like it, the people are a lot more friendly than on the other unit and my preceptor is great, however...there is a CNA that has been there for 15 years, she is very intelligent and gives great patient care, but I am really having a problem with her. She will tell my preceptor that I left an alcohol packet on a patients bed, or that she saw me throw a tiny piece of paper into the sharps container! My preceptor laughed and said to ignore it, but now I feel like she is watching every move I make. I try to do as much patient care as I can, because I know that our CNA's work very hard for little pay, I don't take them for granted because I once was one. Today I was swamped and asked her to get some blood for a CBC-so in front of everyone she said- werent you just in the room? Is it me, or should I have to answer that? My preceptor told me that she was a foreign nurse, but could not pass the N-CLEX here, and gave up on trying to become an RN. I'm not being snotty, but is this the reason she's giving me a hard time? I'm concerned because I have to work with this woman, I really like this unit-any tips on how to deal with this type of personality? Who needs more drama at work? I just want to nip it in the bud, before I blow my top....
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  3. by   Imafloat
    You should not have to deal with that type of behavior. I can't imagine working under such conditions, who gives a flip if you put a tiny piece of paper in the sharps container? It sounds like the others on the unit are used to her and blow her off, I bet with time you will too. Just keep taking the high road in your dealings with her and eventually she will find another target, probably the next new nurse on the unit. She sounds like she is bitter but that is her problem, not yours. Good luck!
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Boy oh boy! Talk about your nitpicking. I put paper in the sharps container all the time... the wrappers on filter needles for instance, and little scraps that have patient identifying info on them, since the confidential waste is not convenient most of the time. And the things I find in patients' beds would probably make her head spin around! I'm with your preceptor. Consider the source, and let her rant.
  5. by   nurseangel47
    Or if ignoring her doesn't make the nitpicking stop, have a little heart to heart with her in private. Let her know you "appreciate" her input to your preceptor as she is helping you learn as you go with the "little things" but that you and the preceptor have "got it covered" as far as the educational bit. Maybe you could phrase it differently but put her in her "place." CNAs shouldn't walk all over other staff just because they didn't pass nclex or didn't get into nursing school and it's not our fault they don't make much money....they shouldn't take it out on us .... just my opinion.