Cedars-Sinai October 2018 Residency

  1. Creating a thread for those who applied to the October 2018 Residency Program at Cedars-Sinai. Wishing us all luck!
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  3. by   beaRdowN2k18
    I got the video interview invite today.
  4. by   RNnew012
    Hey there! Have you heard back from HR after submitting the video interview?
  5. by   pedzRN
    I have yet to hear back from HR after the video interview as well!
  6. by   nestea3
    same here! Still waiting to hear back.
  7. by   beaRdowN2k18
    I haven't had heard anything either.
  8. by   pedzRN
    any news yet guys?
  9. by   beaRdowN2k18
    Nothing on my end yet. Hopefully we hear something soon!
  10. by   beaRdowN2k18
    I got invited to interview!
  11. by   nestea3
  12. by   newnursern8
    Are they calling or emailing? I havent heard anything yet
  13. by   beaRdowN2k18
    They sent an email last night and they are being held next week. People could still turn down the interview, so don't lose hope!
  14. by   newnursern8
    thanks! still hoping to get an email!