Can anyone recommend a stethoscope?

  1. I start my rn program in Aug, and my list of supplies needed did not specify type of stethoscope. I'm having to pay for EVERYTHING myself, so can anyone recommend a great, but affortable stethoscope and where may I purchase one?

    thanks, Tina
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    i have a littman cardiology scope and love it. several classmates have them too. but be careful, they do tend to sprout legs and "walk" away.
  4. by   PediRN
    definitely a littman of any kind...but its true you need to keep it on your person at all times.
  5. by   moonshadeau
    agree littmann cardiology once you graduate. To keep it from walking away, I engraved mine. Didn't notice a change in sound as I have heard others say. Ask for it for graduation.
  6. by   indeed
    I just got a Litmann Master and it rocks. I was stuck between getting that and the Cardiology so I tried them both a few times (thanks to some very trusting coworkers) and for me, the difference was definately noticeable. Thing is, I could still hear what I need to hear with the Master, so I figured I'd let someone else buy the Cardiology for me. So yeah, long story short (too late) the Master is a good one.

  7. by   KaraLea
    I recieved a Littman Cardiology II SE when I graduated from nursing school. It was a gift from my brother and his family. I loved it, but so did someone else evidently as it "Sprouted Legs" as someone else put it. I just bought a Cardiology III today and am keeping it on my person at all times. These are wonderful steths, but better for after you graduate. The Littman Lightweight is a good one for school, not as pricey, but keep a nametag on it anyway just in case...
  8. by   cloudydrms
    I'm always interested in stethoscope posts as I haven't yet started Clinicals (start in January) and want to get a good one for Clinicals/life. Please tell me why I should wait to get a Cardiology III. I shouldn't get one for Clinicals?

    Thanks for any advice.
  9. by   KaraLea
    Basically, it's that the Cardiology III is a bit PRICEY!!!!! If you can afford to buy it now and can keep it on your person at all times during clinicals, fine. But they seem to "grow legs" really quick.
  10. by   emily_mom
    I bought a Cardiology III after my first semester as a nursing student. Prior to that, I had a cheapy $30 one that didn't work worth a darn. I recently bought a Cardiology III for my sister that just graduated, and I got it on sale at for $117. Everyone is right though, they do tend to walk away. I would either pay to have it engraved through allheart or take it to an engraving shop (cheaper). My daughter plays with the ol' cheapy I used to have. You get what you pay for.

  11. by   jessjoy
    Hi love_rusty! I have a Cardiology III that I am interested in selling if you are interested. It is navy blue and in mint condition. I decided I need the money for books right now and my other cheapy will have to do for now. Anyone interested private message me! ----Jess
  12. by   skl0923
    I have an ultrascope that cost $ is an amplifier and it really rocks! you can hear through clothes and dressings and in very noisy environment.
    Then I found a Pot Belly Stethoscope for $38.00 and it is just as good! Can order it at Dixie EMS supply here on the internet.
    Just bought a Cardiocare, and this one is totally different style, but you can hear really good with this for around $40.00 from Thomas Medical Supply (search on line).
    I figure if these get legs I can afford to replace.
  13. by   RNConnieF
    I used a Litmann Lightweight in school, cheaper, lighter, easier to fold into a pocket, and sound is still good.
  14. by   live4today
    i personally love the littman stethoscope. until you get one of your's one you can have. it's a state of the art one that i thought i'd never part with, but only for you dah-lin'. :chuckle

    so sorry...had to borrow the stethoscope back. hope you enjoyed it while you had it! (july 15, 2002)
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