Can anyone recommend a stethoscope? - page 2

I start my rn program in Aug, and my list of supplies needed did not specify type of stethoscope. I'm having to pay for EVERYTHING myself, so can anyone recommend a great, but affortable stethoscope... Read More

  1. by   icudavis
    thank you everyone!! Definitely getting a littman!
  2. by   cheezy_curls
    I'm also gonna get littman, thanks guys for those infos..
  3. by   dudette10
    Littmann II SE. Invest in a good one, and get an unusual color for the tubing. I think Littmann has more than 20 color choices. I sometimes forget my steth at the nurses station, but the tubing is so garish-looking, no one dares to steal it.
  4. by   pockunit
    Ultrascope ftw.