anyone challenge LPN boards??

  1. Hi, i'm in the ADN program and scheduled to graduate December 2004. Right now i'm eligible to challenge the LPN boards and i'm wondering if anyone else on this board has done this. If so can you tell me what to expect from the boards. Also, did you just use NCLEX-RN study guides, or did you get LPN specific ones??
    Thanks in advance for any help!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, Welcome to from the sunny side of the world.

    Now, are you currently working in a hospital setting while you are going to school in your "off" time or are you planning to? This would make the difference in my answer to you, as well as what you are permitted to do as a nurse tech, by your state BON. Some states have very little difference between a nurse tech and a LPN, except for meds. Others have a much bigger difference. You would need to check on that first.

    Hope that this helps..................................
  4. by   meownsmile
    I have to agree with Suzanne, but my concern also is like most students the money issue. 150 bucks to sit for an exam that within 9 months will be of no use to you at all. They dont give you any "credit" for having taken the LPN boards when you sit for the RN, they dont give you a cut rate when you apply for the RN boards if you have a LPN already. You'll get slammed for full price just like everyone else.
    Also consider, any job you might get as a LPN will still have the standard orientation period with a preceptor,(roughly 6 weeks for a new LPN), then the usual 3 months probation period before you get any kind of raise which wont be much. So in effect you are talking amost 4-5 months after you get your LPN license before you will see much change in your pay. If you graduate in December whats the use, just keep your present job, keep plugging away at the ADN program and take those boards when you are finished. Dont use up your valuable time studying/sitting and waiting for your LPN license if you are that close to finishing your program. Unless there is reason you may not be able to finish the ADN program, then id still wait to see what comes at the end of the line with your ADN, before sitting for the LPN boards. JMO,,
  5. by   GGodwinRN
    I'm working as a nurse tech right now, so you all are probably right. I plan on finishing the program in December and sitting for the boards right away, so it's probably just a waste of time and money to bother with the LPN.

    Thanks for your help!