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I am a REALLY new RN (worked as a CNA for 2 years in a hospital, graduated nursing school, received RN license NOV 2010, took a break from school/work while NOT working in the field until now). I... Read More

  1. by   chevyv
    But if you only learn 10% in nursing school, then why not hire someone who hasn't worked yet? If the rest is learned on the job, then you have the opportunity to mold that nurse into whatever you need them to be. I thought I learned a lot more in nursing school but I learned so much more on the job. I'm in behavioral health so I guess my skills wouldn't tempt a hiring manager.
  2. by   RNitis
    Quote from megank5183
    I know there is nothing you can do about it now, but if you graduated in 2010 and have never worked as a nurse until now, I, as a hiring manager, would not hire you. You learn about 10% of what you need to know about being a nurse in nursing school. The rest is learned on the job. In order to be safe, you should explore how to refresh your skills in order to be safe. The LTC was wrong for hiring you in the first place. I wish you luck....and I would go talk to a hiring manager in a hospital (not a LTC) and see what recommendations they have for your predicament. GL!
    I was in orientation with 2 other new grads (both from different schools than I. After a month of us all working, I am doing the best in transitioning into the field and I recall more information than they are able to. So, u "being a hiring manager who would not hire me" based on me not being in school for 2 years, would've passed up on a great employee. I'm glad I came across the manager I did and I'm sure she's glad to have made a good judgement call that'll be worth the risk in the end. By the way, do u work in a hospital or LTC? What's ur turnover rate?