A full year after graduating .... Still no job

  1. Graduated Dec 2012 as LVN passed NCLEX at the end of Jan 2013. Throughout the year I have been on about 10 interviews, 3 "job shadowing" the Drs didn't want to hire someone they didn't click with, I understood and kind of liked that so I could see if I wanted in that type of office but at the same time not really picky just want some experience. So we are now in 2014, still no job and really no job postings recently. The hospitals are weaning out LVN's, the nursing homes want 2-5 yr experience as well as some dr office. I worked as phlebotomist and CNA for 10 years before getting LVN, medical field is really all I know and love, I can't go back to school yet due to no funds and not even sure I want to go through that again. Is there still hope in finding a job? I want to work in medical field should I just go back to phlebotomy? I am getting awfully depressed , I didn't think it would be this hard with having a medical background and feel my schooling was a waste of time. Anybody go through this? Any advise?
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  3. by   OlajuwonM09
    You may want to consider practicing your interview skills.. You have to be able to sell yourself and make them believe your the best fit for the job.! Hth
  4. by   iPink
    You've been on 10 interviews, which is 10 more than many new grads still looking for a job. Did you feel confident after those interviews? Have you gotten any feedback after being interviewed?

    It is tough out there, but keep applying. Giving up isn't an option for all the studying you did to graduate and pass licensure.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    It took me MONTHS to find a job as an RN; and I had extensive experience as a LPN-7 years.

    Most places take a while to consider candidates, depending on time, budget, and opportunity.

    What helped is I was able to keep my previous job.

    Keep looking; cast your net wide, and network.

    Best wishes.
  6. by   SuccessDiva
    10 interviews is great. That means your resume must look good. As far as not getting at least 1 offer...I would say maybe there is something wrong with your interviewing skills and or your presentation. Are you visibly nervous during interviews? Do you ask powerful questions of the interviewer? Do you lack confidence? These are all the things that can impact you getting the job.
  7. by   fsuao2006
    I agree with success diva. your resume is attracting them but your not selling yourself. you need to practice various interview questions and research how to answer them and what it is they're looking for based on the question and tailor your experience to that. ask a nurse friend to mock interview you. sometimes a different perspective helps.