2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

  1. Hi Fellow Nurses!

    Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the 2017 cycle opening?

    I have applied several times and praying that 2017 is my year. I'm tier 1 - not faculty and not an NP.

    Is anyone else out there?
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  3. by   Spoiled1
    I am applying as well. Tier I, score 19, not faculty or NP. Good luck!
  4. by   jwalla20
    I am applying for the 2017 cycle. I applied a couple of years ago. Tier 1, 18, Np. Hoping we are successful. Trying to get my information gathered so I can submit everything after it opens
  5. by   Spoiled1
    Any word on what day the application opens?
  6. by   jwalla20
    I haven't seen anythung5... Prob mid January.
  7. by   NurseNHowell
    I want to apply but I'm so fricking confused at my facility score. I graduated in May and just started at a Dialysis center in a critical shortage area but can't figure out my facility score. Ughck. I'm also confused as to if I qualify to even apply given I am just starting there.
  8. by   emmiecb
    An email went out several weeks ago to submit your facility to verify eligibility. I would call the help desk and ask
  9. by   gleanns
    I think the application process opened yesterday. I submitted my application today.
  10. by   melb97
    Can someone help me? What forms did you submit from Navient? I only had 2 loans that I had to manually enter, and want to make sure I submit the correct documentation. Is the account details from the website ok?
  11. by   RNSAC
    how do you know which tier you're in and what score you are?
  12. by   Spoiled1
    Quote from RNSAC
    how do you know which tier you're in and what score you are?
    Enter your facility address here: HRSA - Find Shortage Areas by Address
  13. by   Spoiled1
    Hi everyone! I just submitted my application, but had a few questions. I am tier 1 with a DI of 146%. Anybody know of others with a similar DI have been awarded in the past?

    Also, did anyone include any additional supporting documents--such as RN and APRN license?

  14. by   pbflash42
    Yes!! I am in the exact same boat! This is my 5th year applying...I think??...and am also praying that I can get some relief! My hospital score is 16 and my D/I ratio is >115%. I know that there are a lot of other nurses out there with more debt, but I owe more on my loans than the original loan amount given. Interest is KILLING me!
    Here's to hoping that this year will finally be our year!