1st Week as RN!

  1. This was my first week working as an RN and I have to say so far so good and I like it. I am working on the Tele. unit on the day shift and the day nurses are very nice, receptive and helpful. My preceptor is my age (25) and only has 7 months of experience but she knows alot. I am a bit upset about the fact that she will be going on Maternity leave in three weeks but I'm sure someone else will be just as informative as her. One thing I notice though is that the night RN's are not liked by the CNA's and the other non nursing staff not including MD's. I made friends with one of the CNA's who is very nice and she was telling me how the night RN's talk to them as if they are nobodies and expect them to run behind them like slaves and that is not right. While I was on the unit the guy who fills up the supply room ( I don't know what his title is yet) came up with supplies to restock the supply room and I asked him if he had small gloves because there was none anywhere on the unit and he basically snapped at me saying, "we don't bring those up, you have to go to the first floor to get them" and I was trying to explain to him that I didn't know and I just thought they ran out and he was going to put more there and he snapped at me again and said "that's besides the point". Luckily the CNA I made friends with came to my rescue and what she said surprised me, she said "leave her alone, she is not one of them, she's new!" I was so shocked. Anyway, the guy apologized and said he would go get me a box and true to his words he went downstairs and got me a box of small gloves. I just feel bad that the night nurses are mean to the other staff that have a lesser position than them. We are all here to work as a team to help the patients, noone is better than the other person.
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Hi there! Sounds like you had a pretty good week! That's really a shame how the unliscenced personnel are being treated. Well, I guess you'll be the one to try and change it! The CNAs will be much more willing to help you out than the other RN's imo.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   TexasPediRN

    "We are all here to work as a team to help the patients, noone is better than the other person.

    You already know one of the most important lessons of all TEAMWORK!

    Even though these night nurses dont sound like they may be the best to work with, maybe they just need to warm up?

    I'm so glad you made a friend with the CNA though, and thats awesome that she defended you. Its never right to treat someone who is 'beneath' you like that, their job is just as important as anyone elses!
    If we didnt have transporters, they'd have to take the pt everywhere!
    If we didnt have housekeeping, they'd have to clean the rooms/spills!
    If we didnt have stockers/central supply, they'd have to get everything themselves!
    Now wouldnt that make for a horrible work atmosphere..

    It sounds like you already made an influence, so see if you can keep that up! Change the attitude of the person as well as the CNA's by just being nice! It only takes one person to make a difference

    If things dont work out for the better, I'd have to recommend finding a new job or change shifts - but if you have a good preceptor, you will learn a lot. Congrats on having her (even though she is leaving soon )

    Try and be that change agent! And if that doesnt work..well..follow your heart.

    "To the world you may just be one person; to one person, you may just be the world"
  5. by   tonet0908
    thanks Jen, I always get along with everyone wherever I go. I personally do not think that the UAP's are less than the RN's are and with how the night nurses are, I would rather be friends with the UAP's because as everyone knows the UAPs do know alot and they can teach me things since I'm fresh out of school and feel like I know absolutely nothing when it comes to working in a hospital .
  6. by   tonet0908
    Thanks Meghan, I do not consider the UAP's to be less than me so I talk to everyone from the UAP up to the MD's. I also learnt from my CNA friend that because the night nurses are mean she will not go out of her way to do anything extra for them. So I now know that if you are reasonable with them they will help you out when you are having a hard day. I figure I will just try to be neutral and not engage in any gossip to get myself into trouble. Yes and by doing that I hope I can become the change agent.