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  1. Hey everyone-

    Just wanted some thoughts about this..... I graduate in 4 days. I have been looking for a job....had a few interviews. One I want really bad has been extremely slow on getting back to me either way. Anyway--I was offered a job this past week and will have to be getting back to them soon. the only problem i see is that it is part time.... only 48 hrs/pay period (so every 2 weeks). Do you think this is okay as a new grad?? I want to take the job and really like the place it is for, but I am just concerned about the hours. I will still have benefits....and I am sure I wouldn't have a problem picking up shifts??? Anyone's thoughts? or is anyone else in a situation similar to this?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   WolfpackRed
    Are the benfits covered in the same amount as a FT employee? Or would you have to pay more out of pocket for these benefits? Also, "picking-up" shifts may not be an option until you are off orientation, and even then you may have to contend with more senior nurses for those shifts.

    I would tell the place you want to work that you have an offer from so-and-so and you want to give them, the place you want, the opportunity to make an offer. See if that speeds them up.
  4. by   Nikkik163
    yes i would still have benefits, but it would be me paying more out of pocket to be covered since I would be considered only part time. I will try what you said with the other place and see what happens. However, it is somewhat hard because I have no specific contact person....only a nurse recruitment office that has forwarded on my info to the hospital I want to work at..
  5. by   caliotter3
    In a competitive job market, 48 hrs a pay period is better than 0 hrs a pay period. When I started out, most of my colleagues had work schedules that were composed of shifts here, shifts there at two or more work places. These schedules were developed over years and worked for them.

    Unless you hear from the other potential job place soon, I would advise you to take them up on the offer. It could lead to more work down the road. Or, as you apply to more potential employers, you will always have the opportunity to take a better offer in the future. Good luck on your first job.