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I took the NCLEX-RN for the first time today and It shut off at 75 questions..I just knew there was no way I had passed.. I did the pearson vue trick and it wouldn't let me re register!!!! I want to tell EVERYONE that the LIVE HURST REVIEW is the only reason for my passing. I went to the 3 day review and studied for 3 weeks and read through the hurst book twice and did all the Q REVIEWS..those really get you comfortable sitting for longer periods of time with questions...the rationales for everything in the book are so simple, if I would have known all the simple things in nursing school I probably wouldn't have felt so dumb most of the time..anyways just wanted to share my experience.


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Congrats!!!! I know the feeling as I just passssed NCLEX-PN, First try with 85 Questions!!!! Now go celebrate, You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You too !


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Congrats Brookie!! :)

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Congrats! Very happy to know HURST worked! I'm using their online review right now and that book is my nursing bible! ;)

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I just finished the Hurst Live Review yesterday, and I loved it! We had a very energetic, inspiring instructor and the way the information was presented made it so easy to retain. I LOVED the video lectures, they were really funny as well as informational! I'd suggest attending a Hurst Live Review class to any new nursing graduate. The $350 cost was well worth it to me, as I failed the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt and was trying to find a good resource to help me pass next time. Congratulations!

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Congrats!!! I took Kaplan my first time around and failed the nclex on 2/14 after 265 questions, I then took Hurst Review online and freaking loved it. I took the Nclex again on April 16 and passed in 108 questions...the Hurst Review content kept the test very doable and immensely calmed my nerves.

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