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I saw the thread by the way in the stickies....awesome! Anyway, I will take the necessary precautions in regards to fainting....however - have any of you who were excited about it & love that kind of stuff ended up passing out anyway...totally thinking you'd be fine?

I'm so excited!

I just had my first OR experience on Nov 9 - I thought the procedure was going to be a 'dud' (blepharoplasty)...but it ended up being pretty entertaining after all. Our mission was to follow the patient through all three phases of the perioperative experience. The one thing that did put me off was how much the circulating nurse was a 'go-for' during the procedure. She worked like a dog. The reason I found it disappointing is because the OR was one area of interest I had (there are other nursing opportunities in the OR setting) and by the time I graduate, I'm going to be near 50 y/o and won't have an interest in a position that involves that much running around...I give her a lot of credit because she's certainly earning her money.

But aside from that, I still found it to be a positive experience and I'm glad I did it. I'm sure you'll do fine...but one thing I will warn you about regarding passing out; it may not be the sight of blood or 'gore' that does it. The mask you have to wear can and has caused folks to hyperventilate and pass out....and I can see why. I ultimately did not have any problems...However, I was constantly having to find a way to breath some fresh air out of the side, etc.

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I was a little too eager in the stool I was standing on for the CABG i watched and didnt realize I was locking my knees while trying to get the best look. Make sure you relax every so often and bend at your knees.

I just had my OR experience the other day. It was amazing. I was worried about getting queasy as it was at 7:30 in the morning. I ate a good breakfast and went in prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. I got to observe a total hip replacement and a divinci robot hysterectomy. It went well and was one of the most interesting experiences I have had. Good thing too, I needed it. I caught the mid-semester-itis and it reminded me why love the medical field.

Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.

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The OR rotation was sweet! I watched a total hip arthroplasty. My stomach briefly lurched when the surgeon popped the femoral head out of the socket (thhhhhWOP!) but otherwise I was fine. Same as everyone else, eat a good breakfast. Also my instructor suggested I sniff an alcohol swab if I started feeling dizzy, but I didn't need to.

However, a classmate and I were watching a chest tube insertion on a teeny tiny grandma. We were right in the action, at her head, holding supplies for the NP. We thought it was cool but my classmate started looking a little green when the NP had her finger in the chest tube hole and was digging around to make sure she was in the pleural space. She left for a few minutes and came back and it was fine.

Have fun :)

Thanks for the input :coollook: I LOVED it, it was pretty neat...not a problem. I can see how the mast could pose a problem if you're not used to them. I got to see a laminectomy & a anterior C5-6 & C6-7 fusion.

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