First Semester of Nursing School


This is my first semester and I just started Jan 30. I'm only taking Fundamentals of nursing this semester.

Is it to early to be practicing NCLEX questions seign how I won't be taking the exam until December 2022.


Many schools use NCLEX style questions in their testing. My school tests this way. If you have an NCLEX review book it probably has a section on how to approach this style of question. That would be a great place to start. Some people find this style of testing quite difficulty, so getting used to how they are structured is a great idea! 

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Yep, practice NCLEX questions now because those types of questions are used in school so it doesn't matter that you won't be taking the official NCLEX for a few years.

Learn to think in terms of "they're all correct but which question is most correct?"

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It's certainly not too early to start practicing NCLEX style questions. Just make sure you're focusing on the right content areas (like others have suggested from your fundamentals text book or other class resources). What you don't want to do is start using a generic NCLEX test bank with questions covering every topic on the NCLEX that you haven't even learned yet. If you haven't learned the material, you won't have the background to get as much out of practicing.