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First Semester Down, 3 more to go...


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Well, I just finished my last clinical and I will take my final the Thurs after Thanksgiving. I am thinking that it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Did anyone else feel like this? I had myself all freaked out thinking I was going to die because the first two semesters are fundamentals and they are the hardest. I am not going to lie and say it was without its issues but, overall I am very pleased with the semester. I am also very relieved to have it behind me. Well, after the test I will be done.

Anyone else finishing up for the semester? Was it better or worse then you had anticipated? I know we have shared lots of laughter and a few tears this semester but, I am really excited for Med/Surg. I can't wait to get in the OR.

Have a good day!



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hmmm...you have a long way to go but keep up the good work. Remain positive. I know sometimes you might feel very down and unmotivated but look at the big picture and think about the different areas you can use your nursing degree and you will fell okay.

My first semester will be be over in a couple more weeks. It was challenging. I'm glad to be moving forward. I can't wait to start my Peds and OB clinical next year!

I've got the Fundamentals final Monday and the Pharm final the Monday after Thanksgiving but then I'll be done with my first semester too. It wasn't that bad for me just soooo time consuming. I learn pretty easily and have experience as a PCT and EMT so I caught some breaks. It was harder than I thought it would be but not as bad as they made it out to be in Orientation and Boot Camp. Overall I had a good time this semester

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I will be done in three weeks with Med Surg I and Pharmacology, and have one more clinical day left. So far, it's not as bad as I thought. Some of it is hard, but not anything I can't handle. I am very pleased about clinicals. I thought they would be just awful and they have been great. The first rotation I was overwhelmed and sick the first week, patient care was awkward, and I spent the whole time trying to catch up, it seemed like. But I am rockin' in this second rotation! I can't wait for L&D and Med Surg II (Surgery!) next semester.


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I too am very excited Clinicals are over. Although we still have 3 tests remaining (no classes left, Test Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Kaplan test the following Tuesday, Final on the 15th) it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Hopefully I will maintain my A (4.0) average after my tests. Pray for me please. Can't wait for OB and Peds next semester.