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Hi everyone,

Right know I'm staring at my book, trying to find out where to start, but:banghead: I feel like it's the first time I'm reading a book. I like potter & perry 7th Ed but I don't know... I feel like those 2 chapters Infection Prevention and Control $ Client Safety are too much to have them for our first quiz. Our teacher doesn't give us power point :cry:

My classe mate are styding together and helping each other,I can't be with them ,parents duties:bluecry1:.

I hope to find a way to skim through those 2 chapters. Thank you for your time

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Generally pictures, tables, topic headings, and charts will give you a general idea of what the chapter is about. The reading of the rest gives you the details. If there are questions at the end of the chapter, answer them. Seriously though, you have to get used to having to read alot. It's part of being in school. Take notes! Read it out loud!

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The first quiz is always the hardest. There are so many unknowns that make it scary. You have to get to know how the instructor words things & the level of difficulty of the questions. First of all, you must relax. Tell yourself "I can do this". Positive thinking helps me. My sister has a goofy saying that helped her. Inch by inch, it's a cinch. You know yourself and how you learn, but try something different. I like to make flash cards and make my own test. Take breaks often to think about what you have read. There is a lot available on the internet about improving test taking skills. Good luck to you and stay positive.:D


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Rewrite your own condensed version of the chapters. Then you will be studying your words in your writing.:)


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I am a recent new graduate, I had to read Perry& Potter It has a lot of information and you will be using it throughout nursing school. The thing to remember is that don’t try and read for content on the whole chapter, skim through it and focus on the content that is necessary for the quiz or test. The important thing to remember is that you understand what the book talking about. Take good notes in class and focus on talked about in class. As far as study groups, find one, nursing school is hard, and trying to do it all yourself is even harder. Also your are going to have many books to read it is would be very hard to read those book as if you are reading a novel. I hope this help and best of luck.


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Good luck with the quiz, and hang in there! you will find out a lot by the way the teacher sets up the first quiz...and studying for the next ones won't be so hard.

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