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Hello to everyone,

I want to work with peds... i did that rotation my 5th semester in nursing school, and i'm now about to go in my 7th and final semester. I did my rotation at this medsurg cardiac step-down floor and fell in love with peds nursing and the floor in general. i want to go back to that floor and work there straight out of nursing school if possible, if not, ill get my foot in the door in anything to get experience and then move on to peds... my question to whom it may concern is: should i go back to that floor and talk to the nurse manager and tell them how i feel about their floor and ask for any opportunities straight out of nursing school? if so what is my strategy and how do i even get on the floor if i am not there to see a patient (since i need a badge as a visitor when i go to the security desk)

Thank you for any inputs or advice!


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You could always call or email them first to set up a time to drop off your resume

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Email the manager. They won't appreciate you dropping in most likely anyway.