First nursing class: Complete!

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I don't know if anyone else is in the same boat...but I just finished my first nursing class today, and it feels awesome! I got a B+, which isn't what I wanted (I was aiming for an A), but I was only a few points away from getting an A, and it's better than I've done in most classes, so I'm pretty proud of myself!

The class is Fundamental Nursing Skills. It's a 3 credit course spread over pretty much just 4 weeks, so it's pretty intense. Technically, what we do tomorrow and Wednesday is part of Fundamentals, but it's lab and clinical practice, so it isn't a part of our numerical grade.

The course description reads:

This course introduces nursing procedures and associated theoretical content with the opportunity to practice in a clinical lab setting. The learner is introduced to communication and psychomotor skills that will enable him/her to care for patients across the life span.

Anyone have a class like that?

I'm really excited to start our second class, Intro to Professional Nursing Practice, especially since we start clinicals next week! For Fundamentals, we did what they call "clinical practice" where we went on the units for a bit to observe and help out a little. The first week, it was an hour of orientation, the second, a bit over an hour of observation, and some of us, like me, helped with a bit of morning care, and on Wednesday, we have 3 hours of observation/helping.



Do all your terms run 4 weeks? That would be a crazy schedule to fit full courses in in such a short timeframe. I've done shortened summer classes that are 4 weeks long, but that was a miserable way to learn. More power to you on that schedule. I think it would kill me quickly.

Our fall term starts this week. Our terms are 12 weeks long.


Nope. We have 15 week semesters! It's just the first nursing class we take is only 5 weeks long, the second is 10, and the third (and most after that) are 15. Some are shorter, but the majority are a full semester.

You also have to remember that our fundamentals class is only 3 doing it in 4/5 weeks isn't all that insane.

Lucky... I'm in an accelerate BN program and our semesters are 10 weeks long! Congrats on passing your first course!

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