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First LPN Job!


Hi everyone!!

I just started my first nursing job ever this week in LTC/AC/Rehab facility. I'm so excited, yet extremely nervous! I passed my NCLEX in May, so everything is still pretty fresh in my brain. I'm just really anxious about the paperwork and documentation. The school I went to didn't focus a lot on documentation, so I'm extremely worried about it.

What kind of routine do you have when you first come on for your shift?? I'm trying to get in the groove of things. If anyone has any helpful hints for this newbie, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Junebug903, LPN

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Get report, find out who has blood sugar checks and give insulin. Find out ur 5pm meds, if you have time to separate them out. I use to flag my 5pms to one side and 9pms to the other. Our if there are 5s and 9s...pay attention and reflag after 5pm med pass...this was on 3-11, obviously... Just an example. For 11-7... There are usually 12ams and 5ams...some after or before...just depends on the type of med. on 11-7 we had a weekly/daily schedule of what tubings, etc. to date and change. Assist CNAs and answer call bells. Don't wait to chart. Around 4 am is the hardest when I got most sleepy. Walk around or something to stay away. Oh and on 11-7, I had 60 patients. Most of the times tube feeding bottles are changed or started on 11-7. That is all I can think of right now! Good luck!!


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I just posted a similar question, so I will be following your responses. Good lucK! I too am just going to start a new lpn job..gulp :)


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Congratulations on the new job! :)

My routine for work is pretty much this:

I come in, punch in, put my stuff in my locker. Go up to the floor, count narcotics. Get report from the nurse I'm relieving. I check up on follow ups, rewrites. I check if any PT/INRs have been done for that day. I then usually print out my BM report. I reconcile orders. I work 2-10PM. I usually get on the floor about 15 minutes before 2. So around 1:45 Im already on the floor. I try to get narcotic counting and report out of the way by 2:10. I have 2:30 nourishments so I usually pass them out while I'm giving report to my fellow staff members (CNAs). Then I come back, sign for my nourishments, stock up my cart, and get ready to go start my med pass. Sometimes if all the stuff I mentioned is done a bit before 3PM, I try to knock out some treatments like creams and ointments. The treatments in my facility are not a specific time. They are a range (2-10PM). First meds are due at 4PM, but you can give meds an hour before. So by 3PM, all my 4PM meds start lighting up as due so I start with that. After my first med pass is done, its close to 6PM. I tidy up my cart, do any small paperwork if needed. I do any 5:30 meds or fingersticks/insulins. From 6-6:30 PM I stay in the dining room while the residents eat dinner. From 6:30 to 7PM I try to do some treatments if I can. 7-9 I do my second med pass. Then from 9-ish to 9:30 I finish up my treatments. From 9:30 to 10 is paper work and charting. 10-10:30: count narcotics, give report, finish up paperwork/charting.

Hope this helps you!

Also, I work as charge, If you won't be, then a lot of the paperwork and lab stuff you don't really have to worry about, the charge nurse would.

Anyways, best of luck to you!