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I just had an interview at a local hospital for CNA position in their nursing home. I'm praying i get the job because i really love this hospital! Any tips? This will be my first time actually working as a CNA besides clinical.. i'm so nervous! I've been told CNA's sometimes get looked down upon by LPN's/RN's.. is that true? Any advice would be great.


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I don't know if any of the nurses on my unit look down on me because of my title - if they do, they keep it to themselves, and that's all that matters. :)

I hope you get the job!

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Most of my nurses in the hospital where I worked were awesome!! Good luck to you!!

Thank you guys so much for responding it means a lot!


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Remember people are not out to get you, but they are looking out for themselves. Not saying that for you to think everyone is the enemy just be cautious of things you say/do even if only joking. Treat patients like you would want your grandparents to be treated. Wear comfortable (non-slip) shoes. I would keep gloves and trash bags on you at all times. teamwork makes the dream work. it is not a one man job. I could go on and on.

I have taken care of my grandma for 2 years now she's the main reason i decided to get my CNA, i used to work at a different nursing home just as a unit assistant and the things i saw made me go home crying every day. I could not stand seeing the way some of the CNA's went about their job.. seemed like they just did not care. I would never want to be like that. I am just really nervous about how to get things done.. like if i'm giving someone a shower and it takes longer than 15 minutes, how do i check up on my 15 minute check residents?


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The first month was very hard for me because i could not believe how pts were being treated. That feeling won't go away but you can't beat yourself about it. Eventually that person will get fired (report immediately if life threatening) i can't really help with the shower question the nursing home i worked for had shower techs (the cna's would rotate) so that there was always 2 techs on the floor. When we didn't have a shower tech the other cna would takeover the hall while you are showering your pt. Just try and change all your pts and give them water so the tech left on the hall won't get overwhelmed working the floor alone (and the lvn working your hall can help the tech if it takes longer than 15 min)

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Congrats on the new job! Here are a few things I wish I had known before I became a CNA:

1) It can be a frustrating job at times. Remember to take a deep breath, ask for help from a coworker or take a quick break. It will help.

2) Help your fellow CNAs. You never know when you will need a favor!

3) Residents will sometimes choose things that you may not agree with or know they are not supposed to have. It is their right and you just have to let them do it.

4) Protect your back at ALL COSTS! It takes a few extra seconds to raise the bed but do it. You will thank yourself when you are still working in the field for years with no injuries!

5) Protect your license as well! Mistakes can happen but neglectful mistakes can cost your license.

6) Be as efficient as possible. Things are super busy on the floor so if you go to change a person and breakfast is soon, set up the tray and raise the bed. It will make dropping the tray off easier. If the patient is brushing their teeth, make their bed. You get the picture but it will allow to you do a lot during the day and not be as stressed!

Good luck! It is a fun job but can be hard. Take care of yourself and your job will be less stressful!


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