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I am a newly graduated nursing student and I just received my first job offer. Its not from who I expected. While I am excited to start my journey as a nurse I am kinda sad to leave my current location. I work with a great bunch of people! I only put out two applications, one at where I work now and the other at a local residency program. I kinda figured the residency program was a long shot since so many of my fellow students wanted to go for it. Apparently it is a fairly competitive program. I have not yet passed the NCLEX (next week) and they even have offered me an Nurse Extern (PRN) position until the residency program starts.

I feel fairly confident(kinda) that I will pass the NCLEX. I know that I am a solid student, but none the less, I don't like accepting an offer before I am capable of fulfilling the role. In addition I wonder if I should hold out for an offer from my current location. Would my experience there not give me some kind of edge?

The residency program is for a step down unit or progressive care unit and I can expect a patient load of up to 5 patients once I am fully trained. The only reason that I am not totally "gung ho" for this position is really because of a coworker stating that the institution treats their employees very poorly in her experience.

So what now, do I put in my two weeks notice at my current job? Wait for them to offer (if they offer)? I know that hiring is very slow at where I work so it does not raise any red flags of me not to hear from them yet. It has only been a couple of weeks. I am mainly trying to focus on my studies for my NCLEX, but these little quandaries keep popping into my head. So I figured I could use this forum as a catharsis method and maybe get some good advice in the mean time.


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I would talk to your manager and explain that you really want to stay with them, but you have a job offer now and need to give them an answer. I would not decline a job offer based on another persons view of how they treat employees. Good luck.


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Yes I plan to talk to the floor manager. Heck who knows, I may not have interviewed well enough for the position. I may have come off as too comfortable. I don't plan to deny a job just based on hearsay. After I test I will make my final decision. Either way I know I am fortunate to get a position so quickly and I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks for your input.

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When trying to decide between two or more job offers, look at which one will benefit your career most in the long run. New grad support and the overall reputation of the hospital are important.

You must be an outstanding candidate to land a competitive residency position! Best wishes.


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It is hard to say really which one is the better location to choose. It seems that most people have a low opinion of any hospital on our side of the state line. I will say that many experienced nurses at my current position have suggested not to get trained on the medical side for nursing. There are several great hospitals over the state line but I am not initially going to be licensed there. The honest truth is the state I live in is poor, I imagine that is why the general consensus is negative. I wanted to start in a smaller hospital and gain experience then maybe move up to a larger hospital. The larger the hospital system the larger the bureaucracy and I did not want to get lost in the shuffle.

I like to think that I am a good candidate. One thing going for me is I am very friendly and I am fairly confident. I am also usually good at interviews and getting the job. I work hard and am not afraid to get dirty. Anyways wish me luck on the NCLEX as my date to test is this week. I am nervous and not really sure what else to study/review. Thanks everyone for your replies.