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hi there,

i am a third year nursing student, i was just called today for an interview on monday, 13/7/09. i was told to bring along a professional portfolio and clinical anecdotes. i have only 3 days to create a professional portfolio and clinical anecdote and i have no clue on how to do it. can anyone please help me... thank you


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i would just make sure you have a great resume, a few clinical anecdotes about your experience and a list of references. i think that is really all they are asking for.

best if luck to you!


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Be prepared with stories about how you: "handled a difficult....[patient, coworker, family member]." Be prepared how to answer, "How would you handle it, if you have a coworker, who persistently keeps doing things wrong (patient care-wise), even after multiple attempts to correct their [technique, knowledge, etc]." "How do you deal with death." "What would you do if you knew that one of your co-workers was intoxicated, or under the influence at work." These are some of the harder questions that I can think of that have been fired at me in interviews :) oh... "Do you like medical or trauma? Why?"


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My personal favorite question

Name 10 things you can do with a watermelon BESIDES eat it



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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I just want to make sure that I have got it correct.

Clinical anecdotes are stories about my experience while caring for patients. For exmple, how did I care for a patient with language difficulties and is refusing to take his medications.

I am just a nursing student and haven't had any experience in nursing, don't even work in nursing homes. My experience in nursing are only during the practicums.

So how do I put together a professional portfolio? In my situation what are the things can I include in the portfolio?

Thank You

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Go through your experiences in clinical, really think back... I'm sure you've got something!

Think of a time when you bent the rules for a patient, when you made an error (and what you learned from it)... if you ever talk about something negative, ALWAYS end it with something positive that you learned from the experience.

Good luck!


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For things to add: resume, cover letter, copies of cpr card, copies of wonderful paper work you did during school, copies of letters of reference from teachers. Bring extra copies (a few) of everything so you can hand them out to them with out giving originals.

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