First hospital meet and greet next week!


Hello everyone I am here to ask for advice. I will be an RN graduate in seven weeks omg can't believe those words are true! I have a hospital in my town that is offering a meet and greet with nurse managers from different departments for the new graduate nurse program. Nurse managers from each department will be there ... So nerve wrecking my question is how do I stand out? I am an Lpn and have experience working in pediatric clinic for the past year and really would like to try my luck and see if there's anyway I can get one of the two OB positions available. There are so many amazing , smart, and talented applicants that will be there and I want to know what should I wear ? How to stand out? Questions to ask? Tips in general? Anything would be helpful thank you so much!!

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Congratulations on your up-coming graduation. My strategy would be to stand out by being calm and professional. Don't try to "out-flash" the others and that carries a risk of being too flashy and ending up looking trashy.

Clothes: What time of day is it? Something during the day could easily be a little less formal than an evening event. For example, if the event is lunch with pizza, it's probably a little less formal than an evening "reception" or "dinner." A suit would never be wrong, but I doubt you have to run out and buy one if you don't have one. A skirt and a nice, coordinating top would be appropriate for most events. So would a nice pair of trousers and coordinating top. Find out a little more about the event to finalize your plans. Make sure you clothes are clean, neat, and professional looking. Make sure they fit well: no one looks professional stuffed into clothes that are too tight. Comfortable shoes as you may be standing a while.

Carry: A lightweight briefcase, portfolio, etc. that contains copies of your resume -- maybe a lightweight purse with a notepad to write down information you may be given, such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. If you can get it all into 1 attractive, professional-looking, easy-to-carry tote bag, that's great. You don't want to be standing there juggling/fumbling with a lot stuff. Your resume should be clean, uncluttered and highlight your strengths. E.g. Your experience should be obvious as you want them to notice that -- along with any other outstanding features of your education. (Awards, special learning experiences that not everyone has, achievements, etc. Include your GPA if it is high, leave it off your resume if it is not.

Look people in the eye, smile, and be prepared to shake hands. Have a few questions ready to ask, but be sure give them openings in the conversation for them to ask you questions. Appear eager, but patient. Wait your turn politely, but speak up when there is an opening.

Good luck!


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I agree completely with llG's response. When I showed up at meet-and-greets I could not believe the people who showed up in cut-off shorts, tanks tops, flip flops, you name it.

The only other thing thing I would add is wear nice but comfortable shoes. I wore brand new heels to the first one I went to, not thinking that they would give hospital tours...the dogs were barking like crazy walking around!!

Good luck!! :up:

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Be sure and have your Elevator Speech at the ready!

You are being evaluated during the Meet and Greet! Here's my uncensored thoughts during a Meet & Greet I attended to help greet and evaluate the new grads

Best wishes :)