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first full week working with 3.0!!!!!


Well...it has been interesting..my advice is buy stock in the paper manufacturing companies......hard to believe that a 14 day pps assessment takes 38 pages. For those of us who are not computerized I forsee storage of said documents a real challenge...also what is up with the double rug scores. I atttended a MYers and stauffers seminar and i do not remember them telling me i would get 2 scores..had a resident today with an RUB and an ES1. my software vendor's tech support totally jammed...4 hours twice today and the second time never did receive an answer. This is a nightmare!!!!! and of course this afternoon newsflash.....unable to validate any 3.0 info. continue to submit... but who knows when we will be able to recieve validation. good grief....could there have been any better planning of this whole process. Of course my 3.0 bible that i got in june... so many updates briggs just sent me a brand new book. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ENTIRE MESS??!!


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I understand the intent behind the 3.0.....

But we work in the real world.....

This 3.0, another government failure.....:eek: :barf01:

yes - the lovely updates. Of course, our company, being so ready to jump on this new process, got us our manuals in June. So between then and now I have highlighted, made margin notes, etc (on my own time) in my manual. I took it to all the trainings and kept great notes in it. So of course I was slightly peeved to find that there have been so many updates that it is easier to just replace the entire manual!!! I am NOT going to read through it again! I'm done with this craziness. I think it is time to look into other options.