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You are working as a staff member within a health care facility.You enter a room to find a patient on the floor.They are bleeding from a laceration on their L forearm. The client is awake and alert and tells you they tripped on the rug on the floor.

You recognize the patient from two days ago when you were responsible for their case.You remember that this patient has minimal mobility due to arthritis in their R hip.You also remember that this patient is noted as being Hepatitis B positive.

Discuss the Occupational Health and safety aspect that you as the employee needs to consider in this situation . You are to include the legislation and policy affecting your responsibilities.

How am I gonna do this?


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Uh huh. That's a good one. :stone

Find your legislation (Nurse practice act?) and some general occupational health and safety policies (textbooks) and go from there.

Good Luck. These papers bring back memories, but I surely DO NOT miss them!


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p.s. You can do it!!

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Look at the focus and work from there. You need to be safe and your patient needs to be cared for.


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Yeah I need to learn the universal precaution and manual handling.Anyway Thanks for the Idea.

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I see gloves and lift assist issues.

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Would documentation be in there somewhere?

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What in the heck was a rug doing in there in the first place? Just an accident waiting to happen!

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