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My first drill is 6/13 and 14, what do we do? the unit is doing their PT tests that day, (they say my name is not on the list) but a friend says they might have me do a diagnostic PT test. other than that what else will we do. the unit is the 7228 a medical support unit.

Just want to know what you all did your first drill?


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It all depends on what your unit has scheduled. the 1st drill w/e for me was a little messy..... as we had the new 4-hour mandatory inservice on suicide prevention to do. I also got my TA-50 issued and I inprocessed. in between I attended briefings on the nursing experiences over in Iraq.... detainee rights and how they were treated medically and also briefings by the pharmacy staff.

On Sunday we did PT...... and attended more briefings.

as far as the apft goes.... I was told by my career counselor at HRC that I didnt need to do the apft until I went to OBLC. However this past drill w/e I did the apft. It was supposed to be diagnostic, but because so many soldiers needed it to count for schools etc...they made it official. It worked for me, I completed a AGR application and couldnt do so until they had a apft score for me.

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You have 90 days after you join the Army Reserves before you have to do an APFT for record. From 1st hand experience since it took almost a year to go to OBLC had to do one 9 months after I joined my unit. Depending on how your unit does new soldier in processing will depend on if you do any of the units training.

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