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:blink: Hi all, I wanted to share that Ive already completed my first 2 day classroom orientation

and will be on my first assignment tomorrow . ofcourse with a preceptor / pairing another CNA . after 4 more shifts i will be by my own . and till now my second day orientation they gave us (new hired) a tour to the facility, and have the chance to help serving the lunch .

Now , i know how crazy my day was today, since some of the patients refused to eat what they had on the plate. and i didn't know how to approach to them and know what to say . I definitely froze. i felt lost. but i did the best i could.

Now my worries: neglect someone by not providing the correct care in a timely manner .

im so scared . since the same people that are giving me the training . they highlight more what im gonna be liable for IF!! not provide such and such. Im afraid , discourage, etc etc.

the patients cries, out loud. (some of them) even in the meal time.

:nailbiting::nailbiting::unsure: how long will it take to adjust to my patients . i work in a LTC do you think one week its ok to know what to do. first as soon as you get the report? . anything that you can suggest will be appreciate it. thanks

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While it usually takes about a month to really get into a routine and to "get it all together" and to "look like you've been doing this a long time". I'd say it took me about 3 or 4 days of getting to know alot of my resident's likes and dislikes....what works with someone who may be "combative"/confused/tearful....and what definately doesn't work.

I can tell you for certain that your 1st few days going solo with your own group of residents are going to be insane to put it mildly. You will be frustrated, and exhausted! so be ready to experience that and keep reminding yourself that every single new CNA that has worked in a LTC facility has felt this way. Read some of the other posts here about other's 1st few days.

Noone (not the nurse, the director, or the other CNA's )expects you to be able to jump right in and run along smoothly and finish everything when you first start out. It's just not realistic.

I highly doubt that anyone at that facility will acuse you of neglect if you are giving it 100% and are still falling behind....AND YOU WILL FALL BEHIND in your first few weeks. Just set priorities....and make DARN sure bed/chair alarms are set and beds are in lowests position, etc. and you will be fine!

As far as not knowing what to say if a resident refuses food/shower/care....whatever, you will learn how to handle these things over time. Pay attention to how some of the other CNA's handle these situations (assuming they treat the residents the way you, yourself, would want to be treated) and learn from them. In your mind, switch places with that resident and ask yourself, how would you want to be treated....what would you want them to say to you???

I do kind of think that you are overthinking this and you are letting your nerves get the best of you. Try to relax. Be compassionate and treat the residents (and your co-workers) with respect and dignity and you will be an awesome CNA and noone will be able to question the care you provide.



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Wowww thanks for you words , God Bless you that make me feels relaxed already .;)


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Wow you are overly scared!

Let me tell you what neglect is: clocking out knowing all the residents are in wet diapers, not caring to check bed alarms, talking on the phone when you should be working.

You will get the hang of it soon enough dont fret!

You should have saw me the first time I had a "feeder" she wasnt swallowing and I was honestly flipping out! Experienced CNAs will guide you!