how was your first day !!!


tell me all about your first day of nursing school !! i think today was CSN's first day !! i'd like to hear from other people in different college's , how was it? do you like your teachers? lots of home work? did you take your math test yet? i am soo happy for you !!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:


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i've mentioned before that i was waiting for some kind of "shock" to wake me up, well, i woke up today!! i had my first lecture & lab today, it really made a difference to me once i stepped into that lecture room and saw my very first csn nursing instructor and a full class to match .... i've decided to swim and hopefully make it to the finish line, with only 5 hours of sleep last night, i had enough adrenaline to stay awake the whole time i was @ school. there's nothing better than getting ya feet wet, i tell ya ... :wink2:


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Ummm, INTENSE! Had my first med surg lecture today....and all I can say is....INTENSE....


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I survived the first week! The classes were just normal classes, I felt. It's the stuff you do at home that is awful!! I don't think I've ever done this much textbook reading in a week before! And all the videos we have to watch - UGH! I'm actually looking forward for things to get more "interesting." I haven't had lab yet (since last monday was a holiday) that will be a new experience.

I guess I thought I'd have this huge feeling of "Oh my goodness! I'm a nursing student!" this first week...but it just hasn't really hit yet. I'm still overwhelmed with the thought of all that needs to be accomplished in 15 weeks...but if I just take it a day/week at a time - it's not so bad (YET)!

I am enjoying the online pharm class though! I find that book to be so much easier to read than our nursing fundamentals book! (Has anyone else noticed the TON of mistakes throughout the potter&perry book? Seriously - their editors must have fallen asleep "reading" the book too!!!) I really like the "my nursing lab" site. I think I learn better when I have quizzes I can do. It provides a challenge for me to try to get the best score (since it's graded automatically). I can't seem to get higher than a 92% on them though....which is frustrating to me! I am learning to hate those multiple right answer questions (where you have to click on ALL of the right ones to get the answer right). Any suggestions on how to handle those better? Is there a trick to it?


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You guys are scaring the crap out of me!

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