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Well today was the day! The first day of my LPN clinicals! I survived, and more importantly, so did all the patients!!!!

We were at a Nursing Home, and of course being the first day we didn't get into anything that was too complicated - Just very basic stuff - feeding, ambulatory assistance, some charting practice, etc.

I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!!

Actually helping other human beings that so desperately need to be cared for! Is this the greatest thing in the world or what!!!!!!

Being able to begin to use the skills and the knowledge that I have been trying to cram into my poor lil' ol' brain - It is so different actually DOING the skills on those who need it rather than practicing it in the lab on someone who is only "acting"!!!! It is so much more satisfying and the sense of accomplishment feels so great even on the most minor of things!

If the Good Lord wills it, I will have many years to continue in this calling, and will do these most basic things an untold number of times - I will learn so much more than I know now and even witness miracles - but no matter how long I live, no matter what I learn or see or experience, I pray that the feeling I have today never leaves me.


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That is GREAT to hear. I too hope you feel this way all the time, but I think we all will have to wake up when the light gets turned on. HAHA. I am soooo anxious to do mine. Not till October. PLEASE - let me know how your next day is. I love hearing about people's expierences.

Got my fingers crossed for you. {Justjenn} (w/hand motions)


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I'm glad you like clinicals. Our first 6 weeks were at a nursing home, which was ok, but when we finally got to a hospital for clinicals it was a whole lot better. There were lots of interesting things to do and learn.

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I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your clinicals!! As you progress in the LPN program, you will learn so many more skills that you will use in nursing that you should love.


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There is no better feeling than giving compassion to others, you get it back ten fold. Glad you enjoyed your nursing home rotation. My clinical in the fall is first 6 weeks nursing home and then second 6 weeks hospital. I've only had clinicals in the hospital setting so far, so I'm looking forward to the experience with the nursing home myself. Sounds like it will be rewarding. Continued luck with your studies!


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Day 2 was even better!

We were "on our own" giving total care to "our" residents!

I had an 82 year old female who needed complete care - feeding, oral, shower, was incontinent - the works

It was the greatest feeling in the world to be able to give her the care she needed!!!

At orientation I remember being told that everyone deserves to die with dignity - Everyone deserves to live with dignity also - Even if they seem to no longer know what is going on, they deserve all we can give them


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Your patients are lucky to have someone like you caring for them. My Grandma was in a nursing home until she passed away recently and I will ALWAYS remember while caring for people that this is someones loved one, and treat them the way I would want somebody treating my loved one.

I can't wait to get to clinicals!



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continue to enjoy!

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I never thought I'd like the nursing home/LTC clinicals. You know what? I miss it. I loved it.


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That is wonderful!!!!! That's great that you feel that way....I can tell you're going to be a nurturing and sincere...L.P.N. Oh, and as for the screenname....I think it's original...I've been trying to think of one....once I become an "official" nursing student.


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