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Today I was at the hospital for my first clinical site. I was scared when I first went in this morning, but I feel totally great! I had a beautiful 87 y/o lady who was wonderfully patient and understanding with me! And the nurses there were fantastic in telling me little tips and ideas that they use, and my instructor was teriffic!

My stress level went down about 200 points today! :)

I know I'm going on, but I had to tell somebody! I know I am going into the right profession now. There's no question. (As if there was before...)


Julie :)


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I'm so happy to hear that, Julie! :)

We had our clinical orientation last week and we have to do a scavenger hunt this week. We don't start our "real" clinicals until next week -- and I'm still really nervous! I hope mine goes as well as yours!


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Hey Julie -

I had that same exact feeling my first day of clinical (last year - I'm 2nd year now...) I KNEW I was in the right place - and that is the most wonderful feeling in the world, to know you belong. I still get that feeling whenever I go into the hospital for a clinical. I finished my OB rotation yesterday and was actually sad about it! LOL Can't wait until the next clinical!

Kristin :cool:


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Glad everything was good for you!! Hope all of your clinicals turn out the same way!!:cool:

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