First clinical in a nursing home this!


I am in my first semester as a PN student. We have been in school 10 weeks and have been filled with an obscene amount of information. I start my first clinical this Thurday and i'm so nervous! It's in a nursing home setting and i'm just clueless on what we are going to be doing. I guess i'm just looking for any insight, we only have one patient to start with. I've done my research on the patient, meds, diagnoses, etc. But overall I still feel clueless. My patient also has Alzheimers which I feel will be hard when trying to do assessments and give meds, etc. Anyone start in a nursing home? Can anyone give me an idea of what they did during the first clinical weeks? Thanks :)

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I've been out of school a while but when we went to the nursing home we focused a lot of basic nursing skills like ADL's and such.....

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Try not to stress too much!! (easier said than done)


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When I was in nursing school, out first clinical was basically, ADL's, basic skin assessment while cleaning up the resident, maybe checking lung sounds or bowel sounds, vital signs, learning the basics of the charts.. nothing too hectic so don't get freaked out.. I know every school does things differently, but they aren't going to just throw you in there. All these assessments, your instructor will be there teaching you. You will be ok, I promise!!!


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Head to toe assessment, vitals, food trays, wiping butts, breaking up fights, cleaning up messes....that is how your first few clinicals will go :-)


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My first level clinical rotation focused mainly on head-to-toe assessment and gathering info to add to care plans. Try not to let your nervousness over take you. I was so passive during my clinical rotation even though I already worked as a CNA. Relax and allow yourself to learn and grow!

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I am in week 12 or my first semester of nursing school. We have been in a nursing home clinical setting for 5 weeks now. Our main focus is a head-to-toe assessment as well as any ADL'a that need to be addressed. Assist in passing out trays and medications once you have passed your medication test. We have also shadowed the wound care nurse.