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The things we do for Grad School. :)

what kink of things and medications are in your first aid kit and in your medicine cabinet. One of our public health requirments are to research what most nurses keep around and what kind of items nurses should have in their glove boxes, firt aid kits and medicine chests.


Let's see: In each car there is a cell phone and a telphone book.

There are gloves and wet ones in the glove box along with a cpr mask, flashlight.

I have a rubbermaid container with a steth. bandaids and abx ointment. I keep benadryl, Ibuprophen and Tylenol there. I have trauma scissors and 2 hemostats. 1 gallon distilled water.

At home I have my Littman, BP cuff, Bandages, gel packs for ice/heat, Q tips, cotton balls, tweezers, flashlight

abx oint., hydrocortisone creme, tylenol, IB, baby asa, cough med, immodium, Maalox, Tums, prescription meds.

digital thermometer, gloves, wet ones, scissors etc. I also have hemostats and tourniquets (from unused IV start kits)

I'm sure I have more but it IS 1am and I'm sleepy. When you collect the data how about posting a list for all of us what we should have.:rolleyes:

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I have a complete CVS pharmacy at my home with 2 teenagers and a husband working in a steel mill, also teach first aid to Boy Scouts.

First aid kit: Assorted bandaids including knuckle bandages, wet ones, cotton balls, neosporin, betadine swabs (don't use much, prefer liquid soap and water, papertowels), ace wrap, gloves, sling, kling, tongue blades, scissors, shoe string, 4x3's, paper tape, First aid book, tweesers, epipen, Peroxoide, steri-strips, thermometer, pen and paper. Rubbing Alcohol and peroxide kept below sink along with Epson salts and menthal ice gel.

Kids scout kit also has moleskin + A&D ointment.

Nursing bag has BP cuff, stethescope, CPR mask, bandage scissor, pen light, ottoscope, reflex hammer, hemostats, paper tape measures, tegrederm, 4x4's, kling, Ace wrap, foley kit,gloves, tournaquet + lab supplies, bandaids, paper towels, isogel, liquid soap, acetone wipes, plastic BR ups, 30 cc med cups, sterile q-tips, plastic grocery bags and wax paper for beneath bag,pain scale, ostomy guide, pens etc.

Meds kept out of BR in seperate closet next to refrige away from stove:Acetaminophen, Ibuprophen ( rarely used), Aleeve, liquid tylenol; Chloraseptic spray, diphenhydramine, Dimetapp, Syrup of Ipecac, Pepto-bismal, matches,boxes of bandaids, RX meds,Several inhalers, Aloe gel and Holy Water.

NEVER keep meds in car as affected by heat. Spray outside nursing bag with Lysol weekly.

I am a senior nursing student at Truman State University

In my car kit i have:

My Littman Classic (I keep my littman cardiology in my nursing bag), B/P cuff, hemostats, Bandage scissors, 2 ACE wraps, a set of crutches (i tore a muscle a few months ago), a cell phone, a list of emergency numbers, bandaids, a pen light, an IV kit, tourniquet, alcohol wipes, saline eye drops, Abx ointment, benadryl cream, a ruler, and 2x2 pads.

Being an ER nurse and having 20 years experience as an EMT both on an ambulanvce and backcountry search and rescue I have what EMTs often refer to as a jump kit in both my truck my wifes car. The jump kits contain a variety of dressings and bandages, stethoscope, BP cuffs, hemostats, penlights, SAM splints, and I even carry stiff neck collars.

Our medicine cabinet has NSAIDs, Asprin, Tylenol, hydrocortizone, hydrogen peroxide, oragel, antihistamines, antacids, and prescription medicnes. Also available in the house are a variety of banadges and dressing supplies.

In my locker at work I keep tylenol, naproxen, antihistamines and antacids. These come in handy during 12 hour shifts in an ER.

So you ask do i use my all that "stuff" in my jump kits yesd I have because for better or worse I can't seem to get the habit of stopping at accidents out of my system.

By the way when I go backpacking I carry a first aid kit that is a cross between an abreviated jump kit and my medicne cabinet. Yes its extra weight. I found out the hard way worth its weight in gold if your a day or two hike out into the wilderness and have an injury/illness.

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