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I'm a lvn working in a home health agency. Was in patients room when the caregiver was speaking to the patient disrespectfully. Even if he's been there 3 months in this home that shouldn't give any caregiver the right to call him names and discourage the patient. I told the caregiver in Spanish not to speak to him that way, he could get in trouble with patients mother. (I should of just gone directly to the mom) the following morning I get a call from the agency telling me that I'm not working out in that family's home. I told what had happened but unfortunately I don't think the agency will follow up since the caregivers arnt working thru my agency there private pay. So I got the short end of the stick, lesson learned don't be laid back with your co workers report to the right channels always!

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I'm sorry that happened, but it's not too late to report this person through the proper channels. Hugs!


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If you suspect there is patient abuse occurring you are a mandated reporter. Consider carefully what you observed and discuss this with your employer.


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Thank you guys, I reported it to my Agency and they did follow up with the mother and private caregiver justice was served and the mother apologized to me and offered my position back.


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I'm glad it worked out

always document when an incident happens even if it's just on a piece of paper

that way you don't have to rely on memory

i also believe it is best not to speak in a language different from the usual one

in front of the pt., because the pt. may feel negatively about it

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