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Perhaps that job wasn't your best fit. Best fit could mean a lot of things so don't think it is always your fault.

Ask them specifically why you were fired so you can have a clear view of what happened. You should know in order to learn from it or perhaps it was just because of something else.

You might think this is a bad experience, but as one pointed out you probably wouldn't have wanted to work there long term.

Stay positive and don't post this experience in your resume. Most employers will follow up and call and find out that you were fired. If you don't have a reference listed and you post that you worked there, that looks suspicious too.

If they do know about your experience there somehow, then just be yourself and be honest.

Hope you get over this episode and you become stronger. I can't imagine the struggle your going through.

Stay optimistic and best wishes!

*also what Merced said above is a great point. Timing could have been the issue.


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Give me your email if you would like more advise, or to have some questions answered. (just my preference of communication).

Hope you feeling better!

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Hi, I'm new to this website. But I do relate to your post. I was also fired from a PCT position at a local hospital for what they said was failure of patient care. I also mis-ID on a patient concerning their glucose test. It was kind of devastating at first because I felt like nobody was going to give me a chance to be hired again. God has blessed me though, as I was hired and will be starting training at a rehab facility in June doing much of the same tasks I was doing at the hospital (give or take a few things). I was only unemployed 3 months. It doesn't pay as much I must admit and at this point I am forced to take on another job but it is another chance to start over and show that I learned from my mistakes and now I have what it takes to make it in this field. Ask God for help in seeking another job and He will provide!!! Hope what I said will help you :) P.S. I am also finishing up my prerequisites for the associates degree of nursing program. Keep going and move forward and upward!!!


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I almost had that happen at my first LTC job. I started as PM shift, and ended up on day shift after a month or so. They put me on the hallway with the nurse from hell. She had it out for me, and would constantly check my work over and over again. I wasn't doing anything wrong, but she said I moved too slow. One day she decided to berate me in front of everyone in the lunch room. I did probably the dumbest thing, and went to the DON. The nurse had a resident give me a really hard time for a while. The bed was never made right, nothing I did was the right way the first time, even though it probably was, that sort of thing.

Don't be discouraged. A lot of people in this job get burned out. I've found the best way to deal with these kind of hostile work environments is to find your own rhythm, which it sounds like you're doing, and get into it. Then, when you've gotten better at being the super CNA you will be, learn how to help the nurses. Maybe it's getting them fresh water in their pitchers for med pass, or keeping their cart stocked. For me, it was those things and not asking them as many questions that to me at the time seemed logical, but now that I've been around for a while were probably annoying. Don't be afraid to ask, but try to learn as much as you can :)

It's not the end of the world. Just dust off your shoes and keep on walking.


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I feel the same way I might get fired for something I didn't do. If I get fired can I still continue on going to school for nursing or is that dream dead.


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You can absolutely keep pursuing your dream even if you get fired. The important thing is to be up-front with future employers. If you can not only acknowledge that it happened but treat the issue fairly and professionally, explain what you've learned from the experience and how it made you a better CNA, and avoid making negative comments about the employer that fired you (even if you feel you were wronged), you'll be ok!

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