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I am not writing this post to brag. I wanted to write to hopefully inspire.  Long story short, I am a recovering alcoholic and three years ago I hit bottom. I was intoxicated at work. I was reported.  Consent agreement included permanent restrictions, weekly meetings and THREE years of daily check ins for random drug testing. I have been sober for over three years. This past January I hit the two year mark on my monitoring. Absolutely 0 compliance issues. I decided last week to write a letter to the Board asking to be released 9 months early from monitoring. I figured the worst they could say was NO. The board met yesterday and today I wasn't able to check in. I confirmed with my monitor that I was granted early release after 2 years and 2 months. I immediately began crying and couldn't believe it. the Ohio board of nursing is known to be brutal. 

I tell you this story to inspire you to KEEP GOING. I thought I would never make it. If I can do it, I assure you, anyone can. I'm not special. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I believe monitoring  helped save my life. I got a second chance at life and every single daily check in was worth it. If you feel like it will never end....IT DOES. and it will sooner than you may know as long as you do the work. If anyone ever wants to just vent, message me. I understand how hard it is. but KEEP GOING. thank you for reading. 


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Congratulations, as I felt your excitement over a year ago, but my experience with the OBN was not good and my infraction was diverting a water pill approximately 10 times due to body related issues no substances involved.