Finish Line Anxiety...Help

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So I have been in PNAP since 2014. I surrendered my license in 2010 and decided to petition after 5 years and was granted my license back after proving to them through voluntary participation in PNAP without a license for 3 years and then was given another 3 years of a contract. I have tested CLEAN as a whistle since 2014 March. Here is my anxiety. I am getting random screens ALOT more and emailed my case manager to make sure she had my list of medications approved by an MD which include Benedryl (allergies and hives), cyclobenzaprine (running injury and back pain); naproxen; Zyrtec; melatonin; Prozac (because I am well ME); Kdur and Mag (because I am still battling an eating disorder; oh yeah I was 76 pounds and dying my first year as a nurse but was never reported to the BON as being impaired HMMMMMMM).

So anyway back to my anxiety I got option 4 yesterday and was freaked when I read what option 4 covers. Mind you I have been on the above medications for over 2 years and 6 months for specifically the Benedryl, since nothing else stops the itching in my skin so I can sleep. My case manager got back to me immediately and said no she did not have it. I sent it to her IMMEDIATELY because I have all that crap saved in files. Nothing has an expiration date. Should I be okay I am 66 days from the END!!!



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I’m in PNAP as well. As long as you have the documentation to back it up, you should be fine.