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Hey guys! So I am experiencing sort of a predicament. I have been working on a BS in community health and have maybe 40 credits left. I am also just about finished with my nursing pre-reqs and will be applying to programs in December.

I honestly do not think I will get accepted into a nursing program the first time around (I have three B's) and so I am trying to forecast the year I will have to wait in order to reapply again.

Should I finish my BS in community health? Or retake the classes I got B's in? I know if I get my Bachelor's I will be eligible to apply for ABSN programs, but it is my understanding I would no longer be eligible for grants. If I retook classes, I would have to pay out of pocket.

I just feel so lost. I don't even really care about my community health degree anymore. It is interesting, but I want to be a nurse. I've been in school for SO long and at this point, I almost just want to get my Bachelors to say I HAVE it.:(

Does anyone have some gems of wisdom? I'm afraid I will waste years trying to get into nursing programs and not even have a college degree to show for it.

Thanks :)

If you are deciding between doing either or, I would retake the classes. I think it would be awesome if you completed the degree, but completing the degree brings you no closer to getting into nursing school because you still need to finish/retake pre reqs.

Well it could possibly mess up your financial aid but you'd have to see how it might impact you. Also, some nursing schools won't accept those with a BS already so ensure that the schools you are applying for will not have an issue with you having a BS.

Thanks for the input guys! Two of the universities in my area offer traditional BSN degrees and also accelerated BSN's for those who already have a bachelors. So getting by BS opens a couple more doors. Although I'd still have the B's in the retaking them would be wise. Argh! Ah well, nothing comes easily :)

Some schools don't allow students to re-take courses they have received a passing grade in. I would double check that with your current and future school as well.

Good luck!

And I think with financial aide (I might be wrong), but already having a bachelor degree and applying for financial aide for a second degree only takes you out of the running for grant money. But they'll still offer you loans.

Fortunately all of the programs in my area allow you to retake classes to get a higher grade.

Buttercupp, I think you are correct. I'm just not sure if I want to "waste" my grant money on a degree I'm not passionate about. Any extra money that isn't in the form of a loan will be VERY helpful when/if I get into my university of choice for my BSN. :heartbeat

Based on my own experience (getting a degree I didn't really care about and now heading back to nursing school), I'd recommend you evaluate whether or not you're going to need federal/state financial aid. You may or may not be offered federal loans for a second degree, depending on whether or not you've maxed them out, but if you qualify for grant money, I recommend keeping yourself eligible for it (i.e. not getting the bachelor degree just yet)! Having the bachelor degree would make you eligible for the accelerated BSN programs, but you'd have to pay for them with loans, and that is not something I will advocate (I actually decided against an accelerated BSN program because $60k in loans was more than I was willing to do, especially on top of undergrad loans).

Obviously, you know your situation best and what factors you need to consider, but if your heart is in nursing, I'd recommend that you pursue that instead of your current degree, especially if you will need financial assistance to pay for it. Less money in loans is always better!

Best of luck to you!

Thanks Semper :) It's a tough choice, but I'd have to take out $60,000+ in loans as well if I finished. Yikes!

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