Finding travel buddies for vacations as a TN?


Wondering, of those who love to take personal travel vacations between contracts, both domestic and international, do you go solo? I am finding it very hard to find travel buddies who have enough flexibility at their job to take 2-3 weeks or even a month off.

I normally enjoy solo, but sometimes I'd like to have a partner join me. 

Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you find other nurses to join? Are there sites to find travel buddies? Thanks!


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Easiest would be finding a travel buddy that take assignments with you. Then they may also choose to join you on vacations between assignments. Easiest because their schedule will be in perfect synch with yours. The hard part remains, finding a travel buddy and becoming the type of friends who want to share vacations. 

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For the reasons you had mentioned, I've conditioned myself to travel alone (which I prefer, most of the time).  facebook offer several groups for solo travelers to connect; personally, I like "Host A Sister" to connect with locals for a meal or drinks.