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So I'm looking to get started in travel nursing and I was wondering if there is some website that will show job openings from all different companies? Im looking for a easier way to find openings in the city/state & specialty that I want. I don't have a company yet and a lot of the recruiters that I have talked to so far are telling me they don't have any positions in my field where I want to go! So I wanted to take matters into my own hands and find myself some jobs-- any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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you can look on faststaff for positions all over but I do not suggest them for first time traveler, but just look online. They are 48hr contracts and usually critical need not a good idea for your first gig. However there are jobs in all specialties almost, so as long as your not in some odd one you should find a job easily. What is your specialty?


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What is your specialty?

There are no consolidated jobs list. Job sites may show availability but they are mostly "representative" jobs. No one can invest the work to keep their assignments current.

A number of agencies do have real and current info on their own sites for their own assignments. In particular, the two largest agencies, American Mobile and Cross Country, have sites that should give you an idea about availability in your specialty. You may have to sign up for access. It has been a while since I looked at those sites and to get compensation information and actual facility names, you may have to do a full sign up as if you were going to take an assignment with them. To my mind, it is easier to just talk to helpful recruiters than to do all the paperwork to find out they have nothing for you.

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You can also look at I also found


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Again, job boards suck!