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Finding your niche outside the hospital


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Some days I love my job. It is flexible, I have a great manager and co workers, which means alot! Other days I regret my decison to major in nursing rather than education. This has been one of those weeks! I currently work in a pain management office that is part of the hospital. It is really all about making money for the hospital and the docs!

I have worked for the local "non for profit" hospital for eight years in various areas (floor, ICU, and L&D) I am extremely disheartened by my employer. The hospital continue to grow and advertise, but at who's expense? Our insurance premiums continue to skyrocket anytime we get a raise, our insurance goes up. I work for a large employer with over 5,000 nurses, we should be able to have excellent benefits at areasonable price. I realize they are in it to make a profit, but that is not why I became a nurse, not at the expense of the patients. I digress......

I am considering exploring life outside the hospital, but am unsure where to start. I would love to do something more community oriented. I have volunteered at the free clinic, which I enjoyed. I love people obviously, most of us (nurses) do. I love children also, but have never wanted to work in pediatrics at the hospital. I am considering school nursing. Some of the reason I think it would be a good fit......working with kids of course. My husband is a small business owner; therefore, benefits are much more important to us than salary. I come from a long line of teachers and know the benefits are hard to compete with. It may be the best of both worlds...nursing and education. My main concern is this....do you feel all alone the schools being the only nurse? or do you collaborate with the teachers to care for the students? I enjoy working as part of a team. Just looking for any feedback, insights, or suggestions.


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Have you ever thought of teaching nursing? You said that you sometimes regret not getting you education degree and that you enjoy nursing. Why not get your MSN? That way you could have the best of both worlds.

I always have harbored a desire to teach nursing assistants. I wanted to pursue the teaching certificate for adults/vocational ed but never got the chance. In many cases, you don't even have to have any teaching credentials to be hired to teach nursing assistants. You might want to consider this route.


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thought about it. I currently teach childbirth classes and enjoy it. I really do not want to go back to school right now. I have a toddler and am just about to get my BSN paid for. Maybe one day. Thanks!

I've recently applied for a job at a local low-income clinic as a public health nurse, making home visits during pregnancy and post-partum. I did it a lot in nursing school and really enjoyed it. Of course, I'll be making a little less there, but the hours and environment (family friendly!!) totally make up for it. No nights, no holidays, no weekends, no on call. 4 10s or 5 8s, you choose.

I chose this because it works with a population I'm more interested in. Most of my clients will be of a lower socio-economic status, which is also a population I enjoy being able ot help. I get to help, educate (something i also love), and hopefully make a positive impact on these women/families.

Try searching for something like this. I don't know where you live, but there are clinics like this everywhere!

(PS: I find out on Tuesday if I get this job! But I do know they're checking my references and have asked current employees who know me... and they seem really excited about me!)

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