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How long after you recieved ur CNA license did it take you to find a job?

I got my license on the 9th of this month and I was taking a phlebotomy course they offered on the 13th and 14th so I started looking after that course.

It seems places won't hire me because I don't have any experience. So they would pass me over for someone who has experience...I just feel overwhelmed by the fact I took this course and haven't found anything yet...

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

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I haven't received my license yet(just finished the class today :) ) but I too am concerned about how easy or hard the job finding process will be. Tomorrow I'm planning on working on my resume & also making a list of nursing homes to call & see if they're hiring. My class is having a graduation party tomorrow afternoon & a DON from a local nursing home (i'm not sure of which one yet but i pray its the one we did our clinicals at..its one of the nicest ones in the area) will be coming to talk to us.


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Are you trying to get a job at a hospital? They really do require at least 6 months experience, if not a year. Becoming a CNA, I pretty much knew that I would have to be in LTC for a year or so. Everyone wants to work at a hospital, so they get their pick of the most experienced aides.

It took me about a week to find a job after I started looking. Apply to every nursing home that's hiring (and even ones that aren't). You'll find something!

It took about seven days of constant internet and newspaper searching. I felt the same way you did at first, but sometimes it takes HR directors a few days to go through the applications and start setting up interviews. I took the first job I got offered :) but even two weeks later I was getting calls for another place I submitted an application at. If its hosp work you really want, odds are you'll have to do time at an ltc. But bear in mind, ltcs are often far more flexible in terms of working with school schedules ect. At mine we do self scheduling which is WONDERFUL. I think I'm going to stay there until I finish school :)

PS To all of you looking, don't give up. Even the best ltcs around here lose 1 to 4 NAs a month, you will find something :)

THANKS!! I applied at three places. My instructor gave everyone a sheet of ltcs and other nursing homes of our local area which is nice. Yea i wanted to work at a hospital, i called in and the HR did say they were looking for aides with experience. Will keep looking tomorrow. Hopefully someone will want me :).

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